Mandy's Mon Blog: Economist Larry Reed, plus A Shocking Story of Survival

I'M TALKING BIG SPENDING BIDEN, CHINA'S GREAT PHILOSOPHERS AND MORE With my friend and President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education Larry Reed. He's got four columns we're going to bounce around today that cover a lot of stuff. This one takes on the Biden Admins big spending, he writes here about how out of step the Chinese Communist leadership is with the Chinese philosophers who brought us Taoism and Confucianism and how that can lead to their demise, he wrote about America's Founding Grandfather Dr. Joseph Warren here, and he warns us about the abuse of money here, which includes this incredibly simple explanation of inflation:

Think of it this way: Whoever is in charge of money and credit (the government and the banking system it orchestrates) expands the supply. Interest rates fall at first and an economic bubble begins. If the expansion of money and credit is big enough, and goes on long enough, then prices in the economy will eventually rise. Rising prices are not the inflation; they are a consequence of the inflation. Then when the authorities try to rein in the soaring prices that their money and credit creation caused, they jack up interest rates and bring on a recession or depression.

LORI POLAND HAS BEEN THROUGH A LOT IN HER LIFE She was kidnapped and sexually abused and left to die at the bottom of an outhouse in the mountains but she didn't. She survived and now has a new book about her ordeal and how it has continued to shape her and her life and she's on today at 2 to discuss. Find out more about Lori and buy her book which just came out by clicking here.

POLIS IGNORES THE LAW ON PAY DISCLOSURE HE SIGNED INTO LAW This is a fun story. Just as the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is fining companies for not following a new law requiring salary disclosures on job opening listings, we find out the State of Colorado is not following those rules. One law firm was fined $8,000! I sure hope Polis whips out his checkbook to pay the fines related to this story.

DEMS HANG THEIR HOPES ON ABORTION And Mike Rosen writes about it here. In a year when most news is bad news for Democrats, they are hoping that you won't notice that abortion has already been codified into law in Colorado. They are in deep doo-doo.

MEXICO IS NOW OPEN FOR COLORADO POTATOES At least that's what seems to be happening after a lawsuit in Mexico that will allow our potatoes to be sold well into Mexico's interior. Read the long saga here.

PAUL RUDD IS TRULY A GEM First off, the actor doesn't age. He's the Dick Clark of his generation that way. Now we know that a story of a lonely boy in Westminster caught his attention so he reached out to the boy to offer support. What a great guy.

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT OUR ANCIENT BRISTLECONE TREES? This is a really good article about the trees that seem to last forever in very unforgiving climates.

THE ELON MUSK-TWITTER DEAL JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT WEIRDER Because Musk filed paperwork Friday to nullify the deal based on what he says are violations by Twitter when it comes to the number of spam or bot accounts on the site. Twitter, which wasn't for sale and initially resisted Musk's overtures, is now SUING Musk to force him to go through with the deal. What? Read this for all the details but this is just getting ginned up and it's not good for Twitter at all. This could be the end of the Sewer of the Internet.

THE ROBOTS WILL BE IN CHARGE BY 2060 And humans left behind will be their slaves, although why would you want human slaves when you could build robot slaves who never need time off or to sleep? Read the scary story here.

NINJA MOVES SAVE THE DAY This guy deserves some sort of medal.

HOW TO SAVE WHEN YOU TRAVEL These are all really good tips although if you are travelling to a smaller village or more remote area you need to secure some local currency at the airport or larger city. And if you're over 50 or have elderly parents it's time to pay the money for "cancel for any reason" travel insurance. Other than that, these are great tips!

AND NOW, AN ENTIRE ARTICLE ABOUT WHY MEN CAN'T BREASTFEED Because this is a thing we need to know, I guess. Let me shorten it up for you: men don't lactate because they are not responsible for growing a baby. It's really that simple. Read the much longer version of that here.

RIP, PAULIE WALNUTS Sopranos actor Tony Sirico has passed away at the age of 79. He was so good as a gangster because that's what he did when he was young before the acting bug hit.

WHAT TO BUY FIRST WHEN YOU BUY A NEW HOME and I did not see this coming but it's a good idea. With today's technology, it's really easy and not that expensive to have a very secure home. We just upgraded everything at our house and it's dang impressive.

FIREFIGHTERS ARE PROTECTING ANCIENT SEQUOIAS As fire rages around them, firefighters are working to save a stand of ancient sequoia trees in Yosemite Park. What I find really interesting is within the grove where the trees grow, they say there is no fire because of prescribed burns and the clearing out of dead wood. Hmmm, imagine that. Managing a forest instead of ignoring it.

A TEXAS COUPLE IS SELLING THEIR HOUSE OVER FEEDING DUCKS This is one of those mad-with-power HOA situations where a couple bought a house and now is selling it because the HOA is suing them. The couple says they bought the house BECAUSE of the ducks, and have been feeding them for eleven years. This is against HOA rules, which they should have known before they moved it, and the HOA is now suing them to stop. They could lose their house over this so they are suing. Know the HOA rules before you buy, people. I don't have a lot of sympathy for these people, to be honest.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO FILM A COP IN ARIZONA BE AT LEAST EIGHT FEET AWAY Because a new law just went into action requiring a buffer zone between cops and filmers. I think this is fair. You can still film all you want, but you need to be far enough away that the officer doesn't have to worry about you jumping into the fray. This is a good compromise.

WE ALL HATE SELF CHECKOUT BUT IT'S ONLY GROWING It's funny this is a news story today because this past weekend my daughter and I were in Walmart and there was ONE manned checkout lane and a huge line at self checkout. She was complaining about how bad this was for the customers and I explained that Walmart wanted us all to check out our own stuff, so they were making it worse to wait in line for a cashier, whom they had to pay, when they could train us to check ourselves out instead. And now here is an article about how much we hate self checkout and it's spot on.



PREGNANT WOMAN IN AN HOV LANE USES AN INTERESTING DEFENSE When she got pulled over she argued that there were two people in her car because she was 34 weeks pregnant. She's not wrong.

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