Mandy's Wed Blog: The State of Real Estate in the Metro with Mike Potarf

MIKE POTARF IS IN TO TALK REAL ESTATE Because rising interest rates are affecting demand, but by how much? Are there deals to be had? What areas are still super hot? We've got answers today at 1. Here is an article about price drops becoming the norm in the region. Here is a list of the cities in Colorado with the most expensive homes. You may want to avoid these.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ON THE US FOUNDING And it was a really good refresher on what really motivated the colonists to break free from the tyrannical rule of Britain. Read it here.

DOES 1.8 BILLION IN NEW TAXES AND FEES SOUND LIBERTARIAN TO YOU? I remain super angry that anyone thinks out Governor is a libertarian. He's clearly not, as evidenced by the $1.8 BILLION in new taxes and fees he and his Democratic cronies in the Legislature have passed on us since 2018, most without asking as required by TABOR. Now we've got this new stupid "Delivery Fee" which is nothing but a tax, which will add 27 cents to EVERY order you receive at your home. That may not sound like much, but it creates a literal hellscape for the businesses that have to comply with this clear TABOR violation. This column expounds on this, and I sure hope the businesses who have supported Democrats in the past understand how much they hate you and just want your money. Has your quality of life in Colorado improved 1.8 billion dollars worth? Mine sure hasn't.

RED FLAG LAWS FAILED IN ILLINOIS Of course they did because they are poorly designed. The shooter from Highland Park had two earlier incidents with police that should have excluded him from buying firearms but he was able to buy them anyway. Especially because his dad kept vouching for him with the law.

BIDEN HAS EVEN LOST DEBRA MESSING And I have no sympathy for the left wing clowns who supported the Clown in Chief currently residing in the White House. Debra Messing was apparently on a call with other celebrities and the White House designed'm not sure what the purpose is and neither did Messing. After declaring that she helped get him elected she "wanted to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there didn't even seem a point to voting." The Democrats are circling the drain under Biden's "leadership" so I fully expect them to turn on this old doddering fool totally any day so they can clear the decks for a new candidate in 2024. I'm sure Jared Polis is ramping up his POTUS team now.

RED STATES ARE WINNING THE POST PANDEMIC RECOVERY And it's been a huge shift in where jobs are located. Companies tired of crime and ridiculous costs of living vacated the coasts and moved to flyover country and Florida where they could still DO business during the pandemic and now those states are flourishing with blue states lagging behind. It's almost like Republicans are better at managing an economy or something.

IF THIS IS YOUR CHILD, PLEASE SEEK HELP And I mean for you, not your kid. A woman was photographed on a flight in New Zealand carrying what seems to be a baby, but you can't see the babies face, because Mom made a FULL FACE FACE MASK out of a stupid paper mask. What have we done to people that this seemed like a good idea? Look at this.

Now the gent who took the picture says the baby was laughing and smiling and he thought it was cute but no. Just no. This is what we've done to parents.

THE PRESIDENT OF BELARUS SOUNDS LIKE HITLER when he says it's time for Europe to go through a "moral cleansing" about Nazis and he continues to tote the company line being fed to him by his puppet master Putin. His rhetoric is frankly scary considering what's happening right now in Ukraine. I feel that this tin horn dictators of poor nations are the most dangerous because they view things like this as their chance to matter on the world stage. Because Belarus certainly doesn't matter now.

WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT, FOOD OR THE CLIMATE? In the Netherlands they seem to think it's the climate, but farmers there are not having it. After being told to use less nitrogen fertilizer and cut their animal herds down to stop climate change, the farmers struck back by bringing their tractors to town and shutting things down. I can't believe this is even a choice between food production and the climate but elites don't care if people starve.

LONG COVID SHOWS SOME SIMILARITIES TO ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE IN THE BRAIN This is super scary and super interesting. Scientists studying long covid have noted that there seems to be a buildup or cytotoxins that can lead to the same sort of Amyloid plaque that is part of Alzheimer's disease. Now to be clear, you can have that protein building and NOT have Alzheimer's so this is not a death sentence. It does help scientists begin to figure out treatments for long covid.

YOUR GREEN ENERGY IS BEING CREATED USING SLAVERY AND POLIS IS COOL WITH THAT And this is not a drill, this is accurate. As China mines rare Earth metals as fast as they can to build "green" batteries, they do so using slave labor. But it's not just China, it's African nations where Amnesty International says children as young as seven are forced to work mining. The best/worst part is our politicians in Colorado full-throatedly support using slave labor as long as it gets them closer to their green energy fantasies. Read the whole column here, but be sure to drop this into a conversation with any smug greenie with an electric car. That should be fun.

AIR BNB HOSTS ARE GETTING HACKED AND SCAMMED This is an interesting scam. Hackers are stealing the passwords and log ins for listing on Air BNB and then renting them out falsely to people online. This has happened to several local people already so if you've got an inactive listing it may be time to check in and change and update your passwords and information.

NETFLIX IS ADDING ADS To a new tier of their platform that will have a lower cost. I will pay the money for no ads. You can do what you want.

WHY I HATE FIREWORKS IN ONE QUICK STORY Because this fire could have quickly spread and burned down the whole neighborhood. Please just don't. I know you will, but please just don't.

IT'S A WEDDING AND A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I'm shocked this doesn't happen much more often these days as the prohibition against pre marital sex is long gone for most. At the reception of their wedding, the groom announced that his bride was sixteen weeks pregnant with a fetus and they were excited. Just kidding, he called it a baby because that's what it is.

THEY HEARD A WITCH BUT NO ONE BOTHERED TO RECORD IT? I think ghosts are a thing, but I think "paranormal investigators" do no such thing. This is an entire story about an alleged witch in a cave which freaked out a team of investigators but no one bothered to pull out their cell phones to record it? That's just dumb.

MAKING MICKEY D'S INTO GOURMET FARE I kind of like this challenge. They gave a chef a McDonalds apple pie and some McNuggets and she turned them into a chicken apple filling for pasta with a sweet and sour sauce. I'm intrigued.

EVEN JAMES CAMERON IS GETTING SICK OF AVATAR SEQUELS I have never seen Avatar. When it came out, all the fuss made me want to see it less for some reason, and when I found out what it was about I was totally disinterested in the story. Now there are FOUR sequels in the works, which is so many that even director James Cameron says he may not direct them all because they are so time consuming. I still have no interest in seeing them. It's just become a thing with me now.

PREGNANT WOMAN MAKES INSANE DEMAND OF A FRIEND This is a new one. I know that pregnancy hormones can make you crazy, but I was never crazy enough to ask my friend to change her dog's name so I could name my kid that name. And yet, here we are.



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