Mandy's Fri Blog: Being the Ricardos and Campaign Complaints are Flying

HEY LUCY, THEY'RE HOME Watched Being the Ricardos last night and we're talking about it today with Mike Rosen at 2! Sooooo good.

IT'S THE MOST EGREGIOUS EXAMPLE OF FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP I'VE SEEN SO FAR And Bethany Mandel of Heroes of Liberty Publishing will join me at 1pm to talk about how Facebook disabled the ad account for the children's book publisher based on false information and lies. And by the way, she is generously giving me a promo code of Mandy so you can get a discount on these incredible children's books about conservative icons like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. If you don't have kids, buy them for a school library near you! Click here for more.

THE SECRETARY OF STATE GOT HER HAND FORCED After SOS Jenna Griswold went after a conservative leaning political leaning 501(c)4 for not registering properly as an advocate in past elections, a local hero went and filed complaints about much larger progressive 501(c)4s doing the same thing. And now the SOS's office is investigating but one must wonder if they will investigate with the same fervor or seek the same outcomes. Read more here.

NOW WE CAN COMPARE THE DAMAGE FROM THE JANUARY 6TH RIOT TO BLM AND 2017 ELECTION RIOTS EASILY Because Real Clear Politics has done a great story with hard data about the three events and they even have a handy chart to remind us of exactly how many people were attacked, arrested, charged and how much damage was done during each. Guess what? It's not even close. And by the way, I add this not to excuse the idiots who stormed the Capitol, because that was inexcusable, but to condemn those with the vaports about January 6th and amnesia about the rest.

YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SHOVE INTO SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUMS RIGHT NOW And this column by Pam Benigno from the Independence Institute is a GREAT primer on what sort of crap they are trying to expose our children to unnecessarily. From introducing sexual content to children at inappropriate ages to nebulous descriptions of "religious minorities" this has to be stopped. I've already got Pam coming on the show close to the final vote on this to remind you to call the Department of Ed non-stop until it's killed, but you need to read this now.

OVER A THOUSAND HOMES WERE DESTROYED BY THE MARSHALL FIRE And we'd love for you to come down to Tom's Watch Bar at McGregor Square on Saturday to donate some money to help these people. I, Dave, and Antonious will be down there from 5p to 7p to hang out and visit and Ross and I are auctioning off a Hang Out With a Talk Show Host visit for each of us. Hope to see you there!

COLORADO'S INDEPENDENT ETHICS BOARD IS TRYING TO HIDE WHAT IT FINDS By changing the rules around open records requests. For some godforsaken reason a court decided that the independent board who investigates ethics complaints against government officlals and agencies is NOT bound by CORA requests. I can't pretend to understand that, but I can understand that they are now trying to make it harder for citizens to find out what they found. Read more here.


THE GOP DEBATES FOR GOVERNOR AND SENATE ARE COMING UP And many of these are in person with limited tickets but the BIG SHOW is on January 25th. There are a CRAP TON of candidates in the Senate race and a few in Governor's race but you need to pay attention here, these are VERY important and we need to pick a solid candidate who can win the state for both.

THE PLANNED BOULDER ORGANIC FARMING UTOPIA NEVER MATERIALIZED And all those nutty left wingers who still believe GMOs are the devil are SUPER MAD that Boulder is allowing GMO farming on public land again. Though one of the people in this story is a farmer, a vast majority of the Boulder Busybodies are not, and yet they believe they should dictate how farmers should farm. Starting an organic farm is not the easiest thing in the world and it's simply not realistic to expect every farmer to be able to make that happen. Read more here.

JOYLESS REID MAY BE LOSING HER SHOW At least that's the rumor from a reporter with ties to MSNBC's parent company Comcast. Is she losing it because she's not very bright and a hopeless liar? Probably but her ratings suck too so that's what MSNBC will say. Read more here.

THE JOBS REPORT TODAY WAS NOT GOOD As economists expected over 400,000 jobs to be created only to find it under 200,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is disappointing, but there is some good news. If you look at the ADP survey, which is usually much rosier than the official numbers, and they are GOOD. I'm honestly not sure how to sort this. Read more here.

SCHOOL CLOSURES ARE DRIVING SOME DEMOCRATS AWAY FROM THE PARTY As exemplified in this column by a formerly staunch Dem who has been disillusioned by her party's draconian response to covid, especially in schools It's a good column and Republicans would do well to figure out a way to give this woman the possibility of voting for a Republican some day.

HOLY COW, SIDNEY POITIER DIED We are losing national treasures at a rapid clip right now. Sidney Poitier is dead at the age of 94. RIP, Mr. Tibbs.

STRESS COULD BE BEHIND CROHN'S DISEASE And I find this very interesting because I now believe the fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with several years ago is 100% stress related. Now researchers have found that people under psychological stress have poor gut heath and are unable to fight off bad gut bacteria and develop the painful condition. Stress is a killer in so many ways.

GUYS DON'T FEEL PRETTY According to a new survey men do not feel like they look good. On average, men rated themselves a 5.9 out of 10 on a scale of attractiveness and the numbers go down even further as men age. So essentially men are just like women.

AMERICA IN DECLINE A recent survey has some depressing news. From the Washington Times:

The survey by the Trafalgar Group revealed that 76.8% of respondents from all political affiliations said that “American society and culture is in a state of decay,” compared to only 9.8% who said “a state of progress.” The remaining 13.4% said they were unsure.

Who controls our culture these days? Just a question.

IF PEOPLE DID EVERYTHING IN SYNC And I'm guessing this took a hot minute to film.


LOTS OF BIG NEW MOVIES COMING OUT BUT NOT A LOT OF NEW IDEAS Lots of big movies are expected to try to bring people back to movie theaters but don't get excited for originality, there isn't much of that. Read more here.

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