Mandy's Mon Blog: Larry Reed on Stagflation, + Mask Free Students in DougCo

ECONOMIC HISTORIAN LARRY REED IS TAKING US BACK TO THE 1970S And this is not good, as that is the era of massive stagflation in the economy. I was but a wee child during this so I asked Larry to refresh my memory on the causes of this economic slog. We're also talking about Columbus Day and facts behind Columbus and the myth of the "noble savage" that has taken root. Read his column on Columbus here. Find our more about economics in easy to understand ways by clicking here! Read about the move to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples day here.

DOUGCO BOARD OF HEALTH MEMBER LORA THOMAS IS ON AT 2PM To explain the Public Health Order they passed last Friday which allows parents to exempt their children from wearing masks at school. We'll get the details of what this really means, though my daughter took her exemption in this morning.

SOUTHWEST IS DOING SERIOUS DAMAGE TO IT'S BRAND This past weekend they cancelled more than 1,000 flights this weekend in what apparently seems to be completely related to staffing issues, but they lied about the reason. They blamed weather and air traffic control issues, but no other airline cancelled flights for those reasons and the FAA issued a statement that essentially said "it's not our fault". Southwest is having a huge issue with pilots as they are working the pilots to the limits of the law and in violation of their contract, or so I'm told by Southwest pilots. I adore Southwest, but I just booked a backup flight for Q this upcoming weekend JUST IN CASE and I booked Thanksgiving flights for my kids on a different airline too. And I haven't voluntarily flown a different airline in like fifteen years. This is bad. Very, very bad.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SCHOOL BOARD RACES This is a great article about various school board races in the metro and beyond, and it has broken down the candidates by who is backed by the unions who kept your kids out of school and in masks (NO ON THESE) and parents who have stepped up to stop this madness. Check it out here. Just vote for anyone but the union backed candidates, please.

THE GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION TURNS ONE So let's see how the anti-lockdown, pro-science measure has aged by reading this column. Spoiler Alert: they were right.

IF YOU PUT BARBIE BY MY LITTLE PONY CALIFORNIA IS GOING TO FINE YOU Just in time to make Christmas shopping even more miserable, California has passed a LAW that prevents stores from grouping toys by gender. Because businesses don't know how to market stuff in a PC way apparently, though Target and Walmart have already jumbled their toy sections beyond recognition.

LEGO IS DEGENDERING ITS TOYS Because boys play with legos or something and I honestly don't care about this anymore but you can read it here.

WHY CALIFORNIA SUCKS, PART TWO Cali also passed a law requiring ethnic studies for high school students. Bu

ONE NEW REPORTER MAKES A ROOKIE MISTAKE And the results are shocking.

A SEASONED REPORTER CAUSES A MASSIVE RETRACTION BY THE NEW YORK TIMES Are we just super short of editors these days? Because the New York Times had to issue a MASSIVE retraction on how many children have been hospitalized with covid, reducing the original 900,000 down to a corrected 63,000. That's quite a drop. But that's not all! The medical reporter who has won AWARDS for her reporting also completely mangled the vaccine policies in Sweden and Denmark AND gave the impression that the vaccine for children would be approved last week. Seems no one is checking anything at the New York Times these days.

IN AURORA? VOTE FOR THESE CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES PLEASE The Denver Gazette has given a GREAT guide on who to vote for and why, and there has never been a City Council more in need of massive change than Aurora's. Read it here.

THANKS FOR THE SEVEN YEAR HIGH GAS PRICES, POLIS AND BIDEN Because the anti-oil and gas policies of the Democratic party have collided with the pandemic to create a perfect storm where demand can't meet supply. We are now paying the highest prices since 2014 and our President thought he could just go beg OPEC to increase supply but they said no. Remember when we were energy independent and net exporter of oil and gas under Trump? Good times. We are currently down 2 million barrels of oil a DAY since the peak in February of 2020. So why aren't oil producers ramping up production in the US again? From

Even if the cash is there, there are other factors at play as to why U.S. producers are reluctant. Oil companies have to consider the regulatory ambitions of the Biden administration, said Antoine Halff, a founding partner at the energy consultancy Kayrros – especially when it comes to the methane that leaks out of oil wells.
“There’s probably a concern among producers that they need to be very careful not to ramp up the methane emissions to match and to toe the line and to try to reduce their footprint as much as they can,” he said.

Elections have consequences, but no mean tweets, amiright?

AND NOW, NORTH KOREANS MARCHING TO BEEGEES MUSIC An oldie but a goodie for your Monday.

NO TIME TO DIE KIND OF DID The latest James Bond spectacle came out with a thud, only raking in a lousy $56 million bucks in theaters. That's bad as Craig got a reported $90 million to reprise the role. Why? People aren't ready to go back to theaters apparently, although if you do, it's almost a private screening situation. Oh, and no one likes the Billie Eilish Bond song.

STILL MAD ABOUT THE BREAKUP OF THE BEATLES? DON'T BLAME PAUL Honestly I always thought John Lennon and more importantly Yoko Ono were the ones who wanted to break free. Now Sir Paul, nearing his 80th birthday, confirms that is was John who wanted to go.

BIDEN'S BORDER LIE IN ONE CHART At what point do we call an invasion an invasion? How many people have to pour over the southern border before we admit that it's happening? If you're Joe Biden the answer is never. Check out this chart from this article:

And yet, Biden keeps saying nothing has changed at the border. Huh. Imagine that.


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