It's a Talkin' Down Thursday!

APPARENTLY BEING WOKE MEANS BEING PATRONIZING Liberals love to tell conservatives that they are hopeless racists whenever given the chance, but this study should give them pause.  Two researchers from Princeton and Yale studied how politicians spoke to different groups of people and found something interesting.  When liberals talk to minority groups, they tend to use simpler words and downplay their own accomplishments.  Because black people don't know big words, amiright?  (that is sarcasm) So how did conservatives change their speech?  They didn't.  Because they aren't condescending aholes who think minorities don't understand big words.  

BOY HAS THE MEDIA READ THE NEWEST CLIMATE REPORT WRONG But I'm really assuming the media actually read the report, which is SO SILLY.  Here is a great column by Bjorn Lomborg about the ridiculous assumptions that the report authors relied on to come up with their SUPER SCARY PREDICTIONS!  And here's a second column that discusses just how ridiculous the assumptions are and how expensive the so-called fixes really are.  Fellow AGW skeptics, stay strong.  The rest of the world will someday know we're right.  

YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO WATCH PORN WITH YOUR COFFEE ANYMORE Because starting in 2019 Starbucks will be blocking porn on their wifi.  This begs the question WHO WATCHES PORN AT STARBUCKS??? 

DEAR FRESH FACED NEW DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVES, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. Nancy Pelosi has bribed her way (with committee appointment promises) back in the Speakership.  This is GOLD for Republicans in 2020 and a nightmare for newly elected Democrats like Colorado's own Jason Crow who vowed to vote against her.  Those new Dems now understand how the sausage is made.  I wonder if Rep. Elect Crow will get ANY committee assignments?  

THAT'S SOME BIG KNICKERS!  Have you seen this giant Australian cow??  Say hi to Knickers.  

A prominent vet says Knickers may be afflicted with gigantism and will simply grow until his body can't take it anymore.  So enjoy this massive guy while he lasts.  

FOR A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP, FIDO HAS THE ANSWER!  A new study shows that women sleep better with a dog in bed rather than a human.  I think it's because a human partner gets mad when you shove them off the bed for snoring, but that's just a theory. 

HOWARD ZINN'S LEGACY IS THE SHAME OF MILLENNIALS EVERYWHERE Millennials know nothing of American History and are far more likely to embrace socialism than any other generation.  Why?  Because teaching America Bad is what passes for History these days.  Anti-Americanism is all the rage on college campuses and Howard Zinn is the man who made it happen by writing "history" books that are big on America Bad and Socialism Good and now the chickens have come home to roost.  



I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE And that James Earl Jones is still alive to voice Mustafa.




MS-13 GANG MEMBERS JOINS CARAVAN TO COME TO THE US And fortunately he as caught on just this side of the border.  Read about him here.  This is why it's important to know who is coming here through a legal process.  

THE SUPREME COURT MAY FINALLY DO AWAY WITH CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE This is GREAT news for justice, due process and the rule of law and bad news for police departments and district attorneys offices used to the free flow of cash they seize from people convicted of nothing.  Read about how badly the state of Indiana did in front of the court defending it's program here.  And Neil Gorsuch is being saucy about the whole thing too. 

Mandy Connell


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