It's a Glooooomy Monday. For Democrats.

JUSTICE BRETT KAVANAUGH IS ON THE COURT And in case you were wondering, he's chosen four female law clerks, keeping a promise he made BEFORE accusations were levied against him.  He's the first US Supreme Court to have an entirely female staff of clerks, expanding on his lifelong commitment to increase the representation of women in upper echelons of the legal field.  What a jerk, amiright??

ERIN KANE KNOWS ABOUT THE NEEDS OF DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS Because she was Interim Superintendent for two years.  I knew she'd never be made permanent Super by the Board of Education because she is the Founder of a very successful charter school and they have been less than friendly to the concept of schools operating out of their control.  That being said, Erin has come out in favor of ballot initiatives 5a and 5b, which include a mill levy override and a bond issue.   She's on at 2pm to talk about it.  Honestly, I am still torn about this.

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE ROCKIES FOR A GREAT SEASON! I am disappointed in the outcome of the Division Series, but what a GREAT year to be a Rockies Fan!  I can't wait until next year!  Even without CarGo....

WOMEN JUST MAY CONFIRM THE NOTION THAT THEY ARE TOO EMOTIONAL TO VOTE THIS NOVEMBER I am seeing more and more stories like this one talking about women coming out to vote for Democrats this November.  Check out the good part:

Last week, the two women sat in the second row at a campaign event in a martial arts studio listening to the Democrat running against Brat, Abigail Spanberger. They nodded in agreement with much of what she had to say.

But the real reason they were there was basic: Donald Trump. They don’t like the president, and they were not about to vote for anyone, like Brat, who supports him.

“More than the policy, it’s the animosity he is fostering within the country,” Sneed said of Trump.

Get that?  They don't like animosity.  And they blame Trump.  Not the Democrats, but Trump.  So they aren't voting on policy, they are fully voting on emotion.  Because all good decisions are based on emotion, right?  Right?  Anyone?  I didn't think so either.  

DON'T LIKE THE INSTITUTIONS OF THIS NATION?  BURN THEM DOWN THEN!  That seems to be the preferred choice when Democrats don't get their way and this column explains it all.

SOUNDS LIKE DEMS DON'T BELIEVE AN ACCUSER SO MUCH Which is no surprise because Julie Swetnick's accusations were patently absurd with no one to corroborate them.  But now Dems are talking about how Michael Avenetti hurt them in the Kavanaugh fight.  Note, what they mean is Julie Swetnick appearing to make up an insane accusation is what hurt them, Avenetti just put it in front of the cameras.  So I guess we AREN'T to believe all accusers?  I'm confused.  

AND NOW, JUST IN TIME FOR WINTER THE 18 BEST MOISTURIZERS OUT THERE And here it is, an article about moisturizers just because.  

CHARLIE KIRK WENT TO A RALLY And this is the sad/hilarious result.-

WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR VITAMINS ARE LEGIT?  Then check out where they test stuff right off the shelves to see if what's in the bottle matches what's on the label.  Super cool if you're a vitamin junkie like me. 

NOTIFY THE PROTESTERS, BILL AND HILLARY ARE GOING ON TOUR! And if there is any justice in this world the women throwing themselves at the door of the Supreme Court are going to be outside the Bill and Hillary event demanding justice for Juanita Broaddrick and all of the other women Bill allegedly assaulted (WITH corroboration for their stories even!)  But they won't be outside, they have already bought an overpriced ticket.  

I FEEL PRETTY GOOD ABOUT WINNING POWERBALL AND MEGA MILLIONS THIS WEEK But in case you manage to win one of them, here's some good advice on the steps you should take

AND NOW HERE'S A VIDEO OF SAINT BERNARD PUPPIES Because I'm bringing my new sweetheart home this Wednesday!  

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