Tuesday We're Going Back in Time!

WAS ROBERT E. LEE TREASONOUS, MISUNDERSTOOD OR BOTH?  I ask this question as a statue in his honor was defaced last weekend in Virginia and the controversy is still swirling around the country about whether or not honoring Civil War heroes is appropriate.  The Official Show Historian Allen Guelzo joins me to discuss how or if we should recognize the history of our nation and whether or not Robert E. Lee had any honor worth sharing.  Find out more about Allen by clicking here

I'M NOT GONNA LOSE FAITH IN THE ROCKIES, I'M NOT GONNA LOSE FAITH IN THE ROCKIES...  Thank you Paul Klee for this gentle reminder not to freak out over 3 walk off losses last week.  I started to get a little "here we go again" but this column walked me back from the ledge and I'm straightened my rally cap and am ready to watch the Rockies ROLL into the playoffs.  I've also created an entire team of Dodger voodoo dolls just in case.  

THE REPUBLIC IS LOST AND WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY TEACHING OUR KIDS IN ONE VIDEO!  Campus Reform took the streets of an Ivy League school and asked students to name the rights delineated in the First Amendment.  This after a new survey showed the only 1 in 1000 survey subjects could name all five parts of the First Amendment.  The Republic is done for.  And what the hell are we teaching our kids in high school?  Good grief.  


AND THE REPUBLICANS IN THIS SURVEY ARE PART OF THE ABOVE PROBLEM I find this deeply, deeply troubling and disappointing.  According to a new Ipsos survey, 43% support this statement:

“the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” 

This 43% is as bad as the moronic students above.  Do they not realize what an absolute and total violation of the First Amendment this would be?  Do they not care?  What is wrong with these people?  I am not surprised at the stupidity of the college students above because they are merely a product of a Howard Zinn based History class.  But I guess I expect much more from people who allegedly share my ideology.  I would love to ask the question: Should Obama have had the authority to close news outlets?  I'm guessing if Fox News was in the cross hairs they may feel differently.  Shame on them.  Shame. 

NOW A STORY ABOUT THE GOODNESS OF PEOPLE AS A PALATE CLEANSER This story is so great because it has a kid doing a wonderful thing to raise money for cancer, and then it gets better when four strangers step up to help him blow his goal out of the water.  That's SOME pig!  

HGTV WILL SUCK ME IN AGAIN WITH THE BRADY BUNCH HOUSE They just bought the house used for the exterior shots of the Brady Bunch and are going to restore it to all it's 70's glory.  And I will watch every. single. episode. 

WOW, TEACHERS ACTUALLY CONSPIRED TO HIDE THEIR LEFT WING IDEOLOGY FROM PARENTS. And it's outlined in frustrating detail here.  It's not in your imagination, it's happening and this is why the above college students are idiots who can't name any of the rights in the First Amendment.  

HOW EXPENSIVE ARE DEMOCRATIC POLICY PROPOSALS?  LET'S JUST SAY YOUR TAXES WOULD DEFINITELY GO UP It's actually less then I thought it would be.  But when you are talking about adding $42.5 TRILLION in spending over the next 10 years to create Bernie Sander's Progressive Utopia the isn't enough money available from "the rich" to pay it.  

Mandy Connell


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