Mandy's Fri Blog: Heidi Ganahl is on, Plus Mike Rosen on the Movies

WE WELCOME HEIDI GANAHL AT 1 She's been blazing a campaign trail through the state and she's going to stop by and let us know how that is going. If you'd like to support the candidate with the best chance to beat Re Election Jared, please find out more about her here.

MIKE ROSEN POPS BY AT 2 And I have TWO things to review this week, as I saw Sonic 2 and I'm deep into the new season of Bosch Legacy, the spinoff of Bosch which is actually better.

PARENTS SUE OVER DOSSIERS COMPILED BY SCHOOL BOARD SUPERINTENDENT Boy stories like this one are coming fast and furious these days but this one goes way beyond anything I've seen so far. In Maricopa County, Arizona parents were unhappy about the policies being pursued by the Scottsdale Unified School District Board President so they came to school board meetings and complained. The Board President then created extensive dossiers on these parents and kept them in a Google Drive folder. How extensive? From Fox News:

Greenburg and his father reportedly kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings — a dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screenshots of Facebook posts. 

The parents are now suing the now former President, who was forced to step down. They think we are the enemy and our children belong to them. Sadly for them, we have just begun to fight. This school board would make J Edgar Hoover proud.

DEMOCRATS DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT COAL WORKERS THEY PUT OUT OF WORK This is the Big Lie from Democrats, that they want to shut down oil, gas and coal to save the environment but they are going to replace these jobs with something WAY better so everyone should just go along but they NEVER do. NEVER. They didn't in Kentucky, and they aren't here, and my friend Rose Pugliese writes about that very thing in this column. Right now it's an election year so Democrats need to buy votes in coal towns, so they are throwing some money at them in this budget. I bet they don't in the next one. Just saying, I've seen this dance before.

WE FINALLY KNOW HOW ROTTEN THE CLINTONS, THE RUSSIAN DOSSIER, AND THE FBI REALLY WERE If you don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, this opinion piece is worth every penny of the subscription price. It describes in great details exactly what is happening with John Durham's investigation into the entirely corrupt Russian Collusion investigation. From the column:

Then there’s James Comey’s FBI. One downside of the Durham “lying” strategy is that it requires prosecutors to present the FBI as dupes of the Clinton operation. Yet amusingly, this has lured the defense into providing evidence of FBI rot. Mr. Sussmann’s lawyers will argue at trial that their client can’t be found guilty of lying to the FBI, since “they have reviewed more than 300 emails that show the bureau understood Sussmann worked for Democratic campaign entities,” as the Washington Post reports.
The FBI knew all along and ran with unvetted political dirt, even if Mr. Sussmann’s alleged lie allowed it to pretend it was aboveboard. And as the Durham evidence shows, it went on pretending, failing to follow up on Mr. Steele, the dossier or its Clinton origins until long after the election (at which point special counsel Robert Mueller failed to follow up on the FBI for nearly two years more). Most of the FBI’s former leaders have been fired or left, its reputation is in tatters, and the GOP will dig further if it regains Congress this fall.

You really should read the rest of it. Just subscribe already.

AS DOUGCO TURNS CONTINUES Last Friday Douglas County Commissioner Abe Laydon was on the show to discuss why he and George Teal stripped Lora Thomas of her leadership position, after Lora was on Wednesday before that. The subject of the massive water project with a company called Renewable Water Resources (RWR) came up and Laydon said that a legal memo they had requested about the project would be released after yesterday's meeting, so I filed a CORA request to see what it said. It was denied because Laydon and Teal voted to hold it back UNTIL AFTER THE DECISION HAD BEEN MADE. What the actual you know what? I am super, extremely, very upset about this, as I am a taxpayer in DougCo and this is my money they are spending. I've asked Laydon via text why they did this and had not gotten a response as of the start of the show. I'm not done with this and now I'm mad.

THE USELESS MICHAEL BENNET WANTS HIS OWN DIGITAL MINISTRY OF TRUTH It's remarkable what happens when Democrats lose control of something. Now that progressive control over Twitter is in question, Dems are lining up with new and fancy ways to curtail the First Amendment illegally. Idiot Bennet has now proposed a new governmental agency to oversee digital platforms. From the article:

The legislation establishes a five-member Federal Digital Platform Commission, giving it the authority to hold hearings, conduct investigations and establish rules for digital platforms, according to Bennet's office.
The legislation also gives the commission the authority to identify “systemically important digital platforms” subject to extra oversight. That designation would apply to digital companies with a significant following, which conduct business across America or internationally, and whose work hold "significant nationwide economic, social, or political impacts."

So weird he didn't propose this when the President of the United States was banned from Twitter. There is more claptrap in the article, but this is 100% because Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Or is he???

ELON MUSK SAYS THE TWITTER DEAL IS ON HOLD Until Twitter verifies that only 10% of it's users are bot or spam accounts. He said in a second tweet that he is still committed to the deal, but it seems he wants to know how corrupted the platform is first.

THE MAYOR OF PICKLEBALL IS BACK ON THE RIGHT COURT And that is a pickleball court, not a courtroom. He's reached a deal with the city of Denver that the city of Denver should be ashamed of. But he's reached a deal for the stupidest criminal case in the history of the world.

WHY IS OUR GOVERNOR IGNORING THE SCIENCE ON COVID VACCINES FOR TODDLERS? I really, truly don't get this at all. Even after Pfizer's own research showed NO benefit to vaccinating children under five our Governor is sending letters to the President demanding the FDA approve the useless shots. What the hell? Is he heavily invested in Pfizer or Moderna? Considering that fewer than 500 healthy children in that age range have died out of MILLIONS of cases, this makes no sense to me. I'd love to ask him about it but he's a coward afraid to come on my show.

I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS HOW ANY COMPANY FEELS ABOUT ABORTION And this story just goes to show how obsessed with politics the left is. Washington Post reporters actually spent time calling 20 video game companies to find their position on abortion. I am not making this up. I hope companies are beginning to realize that no official position on anything is the way to go.

STEPHEN COLBERT CALLS BRUCE WILLIS A LIAR AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE And this is obviously an older clip, but it's still a good one.

YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE YOUR KIDS CLEAN THEIR PLATE As it actually can backfire and make them picky eaters. I agree with this. We've always had a policy that my daughter Q had to try three bites, with an open mind, and then she could decide whether or not to have more. It's been very effective, although now that the teen years are looming she is more into junk food than veggies.

THEIR BRAINS ARE ABBY NORMAL A new study using MRIs to study the brains of psychopaths has found that one section of their brains is 10% larger than non-psychopaths. The section is the striatum and it controls the reward centers of the brain, which can lead psychopaths to seek out thrill seeking behavior. So can we fix it? Not yet, but at least we're beginning to understand it may be nature, not nurture.

CALLING SOMEONE BALD IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN BRITAIN And honestly this is so effing stupid I don't want to talk about it so read it here.

THE FDA HAS APPROVED UNDERPANTS FOR ORAL SEX And you read that right, you wear these underwear to protect your partner from getting something gross while they perform oral sex on you. This is like an over the sweater feel up if you ask me.

NOW THERE IS GOING TO BE A BLUEBERRY SHORTAGE Because one study seems to show that a half cup a day of blueberries can stave on dementia. I guess I'm going to get dementia than because blech. The study was funded by the Blueberry Council so take that for what it's worth.

SCARED OF WEATHER? YOU MAY HAVE ONE OF THESE PHOBIAS This is sort of interesting, even though they didn't have fear of wildfires, which technically is pyrophobia, on the list. Find out what being afraid of rain, tornados, and whatnot is called here.

PARENTS FIGHT THE TEACHING OF ANTI-SEMITISM IN CALIFORNIA This story is insane and another warning that you need to know EVERYTHING your kids are exposed to at school. When California created a new requirement for ethnic studies in high school, it was intended to be representative of ALL the various ethnicities, but activists are trying to inject anti-Semitic content into the curriculum. Not just subtly, brazenly and without apology. Thank God that parents got hip to this and are now trying to shut it down before another little brown shirted army pops up.

RAND PAUL HOLDS UP UKRAINE AID BY ASKING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE MONEY And I don't see this as being unreasonable AT ALL. Senator Paul wants an amendment added to the $40 billion spending bill that would appoint an Inspector General to oversee how the money is spent. Why is that a big deal?

THE FENTANYL FIX IS NO FIX AT ALL AND COULD MAKE THINGS WORSE This is a great editorial from the Denver Gazette (seriously, are you giving them money yet???) about why this new bill will do little to nothing to stop the flow of this deadly drug.



HUSKIES MEET DINOSAUR AND DON'T CARE How disappointing to create this elaborate prank to have them not care.


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