Garrett Bolles Loves Him Some Russell Wilson

Left Tackle Garrett Bolles is all smiles when it comes to new QB Russell Wilson (Photo: Brandon Krisztal/KOA)

Broncos left tackle Garrett Bolles has said for years that he loves all of his teammates, and that he loves his quarterback as much as he loves his wife, and if you put your hands on his quarterback, it's the same as putting your hands on his wife. So, as the 2020 2nd-Team All Pro met the media, he was happy to gush about his new signal caller. "He’s a great leader," Bolles said. "I love Russ, I love his determination, I love his focus, I love his mental, I love everything. You talk about some of the greatest athletes Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, those type of mentalities that those athletes have, that’s what he has. He’s just so focused all the time, ready to rock-n-roll, and it’s what we needed here. He brings, he’s just so positive all the time, just a lovable guy, you just want to play your heart our for him.

Bolles also talked about his game meshing with the 9-time Pro Bowler. He wouldn't reveal the type of tackle Wilson wants him to be, but had no problem talking about their "professional" partnership if you will. When you're protecting the franchise QB's blindside, you better be on the same page. "I just gotta block my guy to be honest, "Bolles said. "My job is just to protect him. In all aspects. If I just play my game, it fits really good to what kind of player he is.

There's likely not a more fascinating player in recent Broncos history than Bolles. He was booed by his own fans, perhaps more than any other player in Orange & Blue for what seemed like at least one holding penalty a game. But, he also turned his career around, to not only earn the aforementioned All-Pro honors, but also a 4-year $64 Million contract as well. "I don't think I've lived my life to make excuses," Bolles said. "I've always taken it upon myself to get better. I know you guys rousing me over the years, and I appreciate that because it's made me who I am today. I went from probably one of the most hated players here, to now everybody loves me, and that's cool and I take pride in that, because that's how my life has always been."

Outside Linebacker Bradley Chubb also met the media Thursday, and emphasized one thing in terms of personal goals, as the former 1st-round pick heads into his final year of his contract. "My main thing is playing all 17(games), Chubb said. "Making sure I can do that. As everybody knows, I haven't been the healthiest player out here and I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to stay on the field for my teammates, and for myself."

Chubb tore his ACL in 2019 and missed 12 games. Last season he only played in seven of the 17 games. But he knows having a future hall-of-famer under center, will make everyone's life easier. "It's been great so far," Chubb said. "just to see his leadership style, and just the way he attacks everyday, it's just gonna be fun for, not only me to learn, but his receivers to learn, the O-Line to learn from him and just everybody to just have that energy that he brings and adapt that and put that towards these wins."

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