Mandy's Wed Blog: I'm Upright Let's Talk Socialized Medicine for a Minute

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YOU THINK SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS A GREAT IDEA? I'VE GOT A STORY FOR YOU And if involves one of my dearest friends who lives in Ireland with her Irishman husband. As a resident of the UK, she has the National Health Service (NHS) as her medical service. It's FREE (note: I realize it's not REALLY free as it's paid for by tax dollars) and therefore awesome, at least that's the perception for many in the US. Today I will share her story of her trying to get her crippling-pain-inducing, gallstone-ridden gallbladder out. In the US, it's a matter of days before surgery. How about in Ireland? Spoiler alert: I've started a GoFundMe campaign to help her pay for private surgery instead of waiting the YEAR it is likely going to be to do it through the NHS. Oh yes, if you have money, you have access to speedy care in the UK. Rich people will ALWAYS have access to good healthcare and there is nothing you can do to stop that. And now GoFundMe UK has reached out to ask if they can publicize her campaign, so we Yanks have GOT to come through and show them what we're made of.

Find out more and donate by clicking here.

RUSH LIMBAUGH IS DEAD And I can't tell you how much his career has meant for my industry and me personally. People have asked me for years for advice about how to do a talk show and I have said a MILLION TIMES, "just listen to Rush, he gives free lessons for three hours a day". May he rest in peace.

HAVE YOU LISTENED TO GRANT'S LATEST PODCAST? You need to as he spoke with Dr. Roger Keel, a spiritual leader and speaker who co-founded the Association for Global New Thought. He was also the long-time minister at Mile Hi Church and author of the book "This Life is Joy." Listen by clicking here or wherever you consume your podcasts.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI IS ANOTHER POLITICAL HACK And I seriously lost my dang mind when I saw that on Sunday he said that schools shouldn't re open until the stimulus bill passes. WHAT THE ACTUAL YOU-KNOW-WHAT??? He's been saying for MONTHS that we should have kids back in school. He said it as recently as TWO WEEKS AGO. But now that the teacher's unions run the White House, we can't open schools until the stimulus bill passes? WHAT?? I hate this guy. I truly despise that we have given him so much power and that he can be so easily led by political winds. What a horrible person he is. Horrible.

EVEN UNION SUPPORTERS ARE GETTING SICK OF THE TEACHERS UNIONS And this column in Vox by an epidemiologist indicates that parents are getting weary of all the scare mongering going on by such unions. Let me be perfectly clear, if you voted for Biden, you voted to let the teacher's unions decide every aspect of your children's education, including whether or not they will be allowed back in school. So if you're mad about your kids sitting in front of a screen for a YEAR, blame them.

WE HAVE OUR OWN SATIRIST RIGHT HERE IN COLORADO And if you don't follow the Rocky Mountain Oyster you are missing out. Here is the Oyster's latest on overly dramatic Denver School Board member Tay Anderson's encounter with aggressive, racist girl scouts. I laughed pretty hard on this one.

HAVE WE SEEN THE LAST OF CASA BONITA? This is a really good story about Casa Bonita with some great history of the world's worst food yet extremely popular restaurant. Has it run it's course? I still remember cool stuff from my childhood that was gone long before I had kids and I have a feeling many Denverites may feel that way about Casa. Will it ever re-open? No one knows. Well no one who is talking anyway.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL EXTENDS SANCTIONED HOMELESS CAMPS And in this article which extolls their virtues no one thought to ask how many people who are living in the encampment now have permanent housing off the streets. THAT is the measure of success I care about. This past weekend shows us that helping people live in tents is just dumb and not humane. I don't care how many services you have, when the high is 1 degree, you don't need to be living in a sanctioned camp or anywhere else outside. Read more about it here.

MY FRIEND KELLY HAS BABY GOATS! And you should see them. And learn more about goats in the process but BABY GOATS!!


EXPERTS BAFFLED BY CORONAVIRUS CASE DROPS And not just in the US, but also in India. I keep seeing headlines like the one here, with lots of "experts" wondering aloud why we are seeing declining cases even though a very small percentage of the population has been vaccinated. I'll tell you why, and it's a familiar refrain, the virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do. Big hump, little hump. Just like most other pandemics in the history of the world. We are feeding our egos thinking we can control it. Overall, cases are down 16%.

DID YOU SEE THIS COMPARISON OF CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA? The NY Post did a comparison of how two states have handled covid and the result. California has seen some of the worst lockdowns in the country, and Florida went in the other direction completely. The results? The same. As in almost identical in terms of cases and deaths per million, which is actually shocking because Florida has WAY more old people than California. Which would you choose?

NO, I WILL NOT REFLECT ON MY WHITENESS, THANK YOU Critical Race Theory is complete garbage and it's come full force to NYC schools. How do I know? One school sent home an eight level "white identities guide" for white parents to "reflect" on to figure out how racist they are. No, I am not kidding. Check it here. If this were sent home with my kid we would immediately withdraw her from school and homeschool. Period.

THE DEATH OF HUMOR Our pal (I wish he were my pal, honestly) Joseph Epstein writes about the death of jokes and humor in today's society. And he's depressingly right.

AND NOW, JERSEY JEWS TELLING JOKES Just to prove why Epstein's column needs to be taken seriously.

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