Mandy's Thur Blog: Don't Let This Turn You Into a Horrible Person

WE'VE GOT A BUSINESS PIVOT WITH OCCASIONS CATERING TODAY At 2 to discuss how they have gone from helping people plan wonderful parties to packing entire meals and helping out good causes. Jeffery Bronson joins me at 2 and you can find out more by clicking here!

I SAW THIS STORY THE OTHER DAY AND GOT MAD Because this is clearly demonstrates the downside to this pandemic and that is we're turning against our neighbors in a way that is truly awful. A working mom who happens to have a very difficult graveyard shift job as a 911 operator was left a very nasty and detailed note about her activities by what must be the world's worst neighbor. The part that really bugs me is they obviously haven't bothered to get to know their neighbors at ALL before trashing her and her family via note. DON'T LET THIS TURN YOU INTO A MRS. KRAVITZ.

YES THE NAZI REFERENCES MUST STOP, ON BOTH SIDES And Ari Armstrong does well in this column to remind people that they do not have to give in to their most authoritarian impulses to rat out any business or person THEY decide is breaking the law. And yes, when government is leaving notes on businesses demanding they shut down or else, that IS authoritarian and it's okay to call it out, even if it is well intentioned. But let's leave any reference to Nazis out of it. It's played out and no one anywhere in the United States is remotely close to exterminating large groups of people they don't like just yet.


I’ll catch a ballgame from the stands

Probly over wash my hands 

And There’ll be crowds 

and they’ll be shows. 

It’s a mystery I suppose

Just how long this thing goes

But there’ll be light after dark

Someday when we aren’t...six feet apart. 

HAVE YOU RESPONDED TO THE CENSUS YET? Please do this. The census is literally like 7 questions. You can do it online using the code that the census has sent you like a dozen times. Right now Colorado is at about a 53% response rate. Not only is the census IN THE CONSTITUTION but it's the only way we can begin to erode the power of the coasts. We took their people, we should get their money and representation in Congress. Please do this. Check this site to see how we're doing.

WANT TO KNOW HOW CHINA WORKS IN THE US? WATCH THIS TALK ABOUT IT BY MIKE POMPEO and this is from this February where he spoke to the National Governors Association meeting.

HERE IS AN UPDATE ON WHAT SWEDEN IS DOING WITH THIS PANDEMIC And though numbers have gone up, they haven't become unmanageable. Most of the deaths there have been the same as here: in nursing homes. And they haven't locked down anything.

AN ISRAELI PROFESSOR SAYS CORONAVIRUS FOLLOWS IT'S OWN PATH and that it's GONE in about eight weeks regardless of what we do or don't do. He doesn't know why, but he's got the graphs and data to back that up. If this is true, we should see a dramatic falling off in the US very soon. Here's hoping he's right.

JUST STOP WATCHING THE NEWS AND YOU WILL BE SO MUCH HAPPIER This column details how miserable the American media has made us during this pandemic. Just. Turn. It. Off.

EIGHT HOURS A DAY OF STREAMING?? SAY IT AIN'T SO I am still working very hard during this pandemic. Between this job, and helping Q and teaching a previously scheduled web class, I am working the SAME number of hours as I did before and more on some days. And now I find out that some of you who are NOT working are spending eight hours a day STREAMING CRAP at home? Now I'm pissed. Do NOT waste this time you have off! Do SOMETHING to make your life better, people. Good grief.

THIS IS WHAT YOU DO DURING A QUARANTINE, PEOPLE My friend Kyle Marshall, also known as Beardo on our brother station KBPI was one of the fantastic co-workers who unfortunately got furloughed recently. I am already a Kyle fan for so many reasons I won't list here. Instead of spending all day loafing on unemployment and streaming crap that doesn't matter, he made a podcast to share stories and life tactics that have helped him become the upbeat hard working guy he is now after a bumpy start. It's only 15 minutes long and he's only got one episode, but I LOVED it and am so glad he's spreading light into the world right now. Check it out here and be sure to download and subscribe if you can. He's on Spotify and Apple Podcasts too. Find him on Spreaker here.

HERE ARE 100 BETTER THINGS TO DO WHILE IN QUARANTINE So turn off the dang idiot box and do SOMETHING from this list.

PLEASE DON'T WASTE THIS TIME. I shall expand on this thought today.

BASEBALL IS BACK! IN TAIWAN AT LEAST And I sure hope we can do something to get baseball up and running soon. Like really, really soon. Although I may skip the robot fans because I find that a little creepy. Taiwan just played the first game of the season.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE ENTIRE 2020 MOVIE SEASON IS OFF? I must say I am loathe to share these "what if we never get back to normal" stories because we always get back to some sense of normality eventually. But this story talks about how not only have distributions been stopped, movie MAKING has been stopped because of the pandemic. I guess we'll have to watch the seven million things on Netflix we haven't watched. The Oscars also have rules about movies having to have been IN the theater to be considered for an Oscar. We'll see if the keep those rules or finally modernize the stupid Oscars.

A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER PASSES THE TIME MAKING LEGO WEDDINGS And it's pretty magical. Check out the delightful photos here.


HERE IS SOMETHING LOVELY TO MAKE YOU SMILE It's a fantastic flash mob that ends with a proposal.


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