Baseball Ate My Show Yesterday, but That Makes Today's Blog DOUBLY BIG!


DAVE WILL BE FLYING LATER TODAY And at 3 we'll meet Sydney Kennett, who just nabbed the Bronze at the World Freestyle Indoor Skydiving competition. She's going to coach Dave on his form so he doesn't die.

THE STEM STUDENTS WANTED NO PART OF THE POLITICIZATION OF THEIR PAIN A vigil last night planned by gun control activists backfired when students were under the impression it was a vigil to honor hero student Kendrick Castillo. It did not go well. From 9News:

I've got STEM student Ethan on today at 2pm today to talk about what happened at the vigil.

I WANT TO MAKE SURE KENDRICK CASTILLO IS NEVER FORGOTTEN and that the names of the criminals are. 9News' Kyle Clark spoke to Kendrick's parent about what kind of man he was.

THIS ONE IS ON THE GAY MAFIA Because it appears the shooter's Facebook page railed against Christians who "hate gays" and loved on Seth Meyers hating on Trump and Occupy Denver. Too bad for everyone trying to blame Senator Cory Gardner, huh.

SB-181 IS ALREADY KILLING JOBS IN COLORADO And I didn't think it would happen this fast, but yet, here we are. I sure hope Rochelle Galindo and the Boulder Mafia running this state are ready to take people who lose their livelihoods into their homes to give them shelter when they are unable to pay for theirs. Aholes, all of them.

THIS AS OIL AND GAS BEGINS A SNEAK ATTACK THAT INVOLVES MONEY AND KINDNESS I love this story. Folks who work in Oil and Gas are leaving 100% tips, paying people's bills and leaving money in Redbox movie cases with notes that say "this is paid for by Oil and Gas". Why? Because they are trying to help people understand in real ways the impact oil and gas has in our community. I love this.SO DENVER DID BECOME THE MAGIC MUSHROOM CITY AFTER ALL I reported yesterday that the measure to decriminalize magic mushrooms failed, but the votes had not all been tallied and now it appears to have overcome a 7,000 vote deficit and has passed. Is this because all the tripping people waited until the last minute to vote?

WILL THE SAME LIBS WHO DON'T VACCINATE NOW GET TOUGH ON THE BORDERS? Since kids with measles were discovered in a truck trying to sneak them into the country? When you flood the country with third world residents who get third world medical care, they bring third world diseases with them. Fact. Since we know that people who refuse to vaccinate are largely rich, white and liberal (based on the politics of the areas they inhabit) it stands to reason that they are in favor of possibly allowing their own kids to be infected as measles they haven't vaccinated against makes a comeback.

MAYBE THIS IS WHY WE'RE ALL SO CRANKY People are having less sex than they used to. Married people say they would like more. Perhaps they should talk to their spouse about it instead of a person doing a survey? I include this story because perhaps this shows one of the many ways we are less connected than we used to be?

NO WOMEN DON'T APPROACH SEX THE SAME WAY MEN DO And if I could shout "AMEN" to the Heavens about this article I would. We need to teach ALL of our young women this and empower them to take back sex the way THEY want to. The constant drumbeat by feminists that casual sex is "no big deal" actually makes them useful idiots for the men for which it truly is "no big deal".

A GENETICALLY MODIFIED VIRUS TO KILL BACTERIA? WHAT COULD GO WRONG! I'm only half kidding, as this story is actually really cool. As we are seeing the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, doctors are pulling out all the stops. They are now finding certain viruses which kill those bacteria and even making more using genetic modification. I sure hope this isn't the beginning of a horror film where we all die from the cure.

IS THE ELITE PROGRESSIVE LEFT ADVOCATING POLICIES WHICH WILL BRING ABOUT THEIR DOOM? This is a fascinating article that puts forth that position very well. This is why is my new favorite website for intelligent conversation on intelligent subjects. Bookmark it at home, kids!


THERE IS A MASSIVE MEASLES OUTBREAK IN EUROPE RIGHT NOW So much so that I'm wondering if my mom is going to be alright on her big European trip in a few weeks. I am VERY frustrated by the coverage of this outbreak, because in my mind, you've really got the same perfect storm there as you have here, which is a lot of immigrants from countries with low vaccination rates showing up and bringing eradicated diseases into communities who CHOOSE not to vaccinate. I am very quickly entering the frustrated phase about intelligent people who refuse to vaccinate based on long disproven science about chemicals which no longer appear in ANY vaccine. TALK TO YOUR DOCTORS, PEOPLE. Then get vaccinated.

WHY ARE WE STILL LISTENING TO JAMES COMEY? He did some sort of Town Hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper so he could say that Trump will be indicted when he leaves office (which of course is designed to fire up Dems to show up and force him out so he can be indicted) and this exchange preceded a question about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Can you imagine a Fox News host having to explain who those people are? This is a complete indictment by Cooper of how CNN has covered this story.

WANNA BE FRIENDS? I've heard that phrase countless times at playgrounds as kids immediately become besties with children they've never met. It's charming really. But nearly impossible to replicate as adults. Now we know that most Americans haven't made any new friends in the last five years. This article simply re affirms what I already know to be true, and that is, making friends as a grown up is hard. If you are new to the area and looking to make friends, check out my friend Carlyn's group Strangers to Friends for opportunities to just make friends!

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