It's a Stay on Daylight Saving Time Monday!

GREG BROPHY IS DOING GOD'S WORK ON THIS As he's running a ballot initiative that would keep us on Daylight Saving Time YEAR ROUND. NO more stupid spring forward and fall back, just ONE TIME ALL YEAR. Find out more about it by clicking here and Greg will be in at 2pm to discuss it.

HOW ABOUT SOME LAUGHS FOR A GREAT CAUSE? Today we welcome comedians Joe Kasnow and Bobby Henline to the show to talk about an event to benefit veterans. From the email I got:

This event is being hosted by the American Legion Riders Group Post 119 in Estes Park, CO. The event will be held at the Ridgeline Hotel in Estes on Saturday, May 11th at 7 pm. It is both a comedy show and an inspirational talk given by wounded warriors Bobby Henline and Joe Kashnow

They are on at 3pm to discuss the why and what and it'll be funny! Get tickets and more info by clicking here!

700 ROCKETS ARE FIRED INTO ISRAEL And now a cease fire has been negotiated by Egypt. Not everyone is happy about that, as many Israelis think a cease fire is a capitulation to the Hamas terrorists (who are now claiming victory, btw). I'm sure Ilhan Omar is celebrating today.

HOW IN THE WORLD IS TRUMP POLLING SO HIGH? Because he is subject to a CONSTANT media barrage of negative crap EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The fact he is polling via Gallup at 46% approval is mind blowing and shows that people are feeling the good of his policies and are beginning to doubt all the crap the media spews on the daily. Or here's hoping anyway. His approval numbers MATCH OBAMA's at the same time in his Presidency. And we all know who got re elected.

HERE'S HOPING THIS IS A QUESTION ASKED IN THE INSPECTOR GENERAL'S REPORT The IG is working on a report that is alleged to be very unkind to the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. I sure hope the IG asks the question asked by this column, which is why was Christopher Steele let off the hook and not referred for prosecution for lying to the FBI when others were?

WHY DO AMISH BUSINESSES SURVIVE? You won't be surprised.


LIBERAL PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE TRUMP TAX CUTS SWING AND MISS But this isn't uncommon. The Left was apoplectic when Trump got his tax cuts and made all sorts of dire predictions. Like 10,000 people a year would DIE because of them. I'm not making this up, read them all here.

GAME OF THRONES IS MAILING IT IN I don't watch the show, but DANG the internet blew up last night after Game of Thrones. It seems someone didn't grab their Starbucks cup from a scene and let's just say people are not being kind.

UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME DOESN'T DO WHAT IT'S INTENDED TO DO At least according to this study of studies by an left wing economics think tank. They say UBI is too expensive, regressive and the money it needs would be better used by the government to provide Universal Basic SERVICES instead. Of course that's what they found out.

PLEASE VOTE NO ON THE GUTTING OF THE TAX PAYERS BILL OF RIGHTS Because we will be able to vote to let Democrats keep our TABOR refunds forever, or we can shove the whole thing down their throats with an overwhelming NO. Guess which one I'm doing? We are also going to be able to bet on sports if the sports betting initiative passes. I'm voting yes on that.

CONGRATS TO PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHANN They had a baby boy this morning.


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