How about a Fun Friday Show? I've Got One!

CONNIE WILLIS WORKS IN THE WORLD OF ODDITIES AND WEIRDNESS As the weekend host for Coast to Coast AM and she's in for another episode of It's A Living! What's it like to talk ufos, aliens, and other strange bits? Connie will join me at 2pm. Find Connie and subscribe to her show.

YOU KNOW I LOVE GUY ON A BUFFALO Which if you missed before, you can find here.

so Jomo and the Possum Posse, the geniuses behind this whole thing, are back with more. Here is Part 3 of Buffaloquest!

Guy on a buffalo is the most Canadian thing ever. I'm talking to Jomo today at 3!

THE DEMOCRATS JUST GAVE A HUGE PAYOFF TO THE UNIONS And this bill isn't getting any attention. I have thank listener Tim for sending me this email:

From:Tim ****
Sent:Friday, May 3, 2019 9:20 AM
To:Connell, Mandy
Subject:Colorado Quality Apprenticeship Training Act
What are your thoughts on this bill? I hear the left cheering like it’s some big accomplishment.

So I did some digging and found out that Democrats have officially brought prevailing wage to Colorado. What is prevailing wage? It's the requirement that any construction project the state is paying for must pay union wages. It's that simple. That means we the taxpayers are going to be paying wages that are not based on market forces and jacking up the cost of all construction projects just to placate the unions. Don't believe me? They why is EVERY PERSON who is listed as a lobbyist SUPPORTING THIS a union representative. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Here is a super long and nerdy economic analysis that takes apart the ONE STUDY used by labor unions to argue that repealing prevailing wage hurts workers. By the way, Colorado repealed it's prevailing wage in 1985. You think housing is unaffordable now? Wait until this kicks in full force.

UNEMPLOYMENT HITS A 49 YEAR LOW And businesses are going to be offering more in terms of benefits and salary because the market is so tight. This is how economics works. It's also why when the market it good for labor you need to see if you can get a better job and bank some of that new cash for the next downturn.You're welcome. Check the details here. There is also insanely good employment news for Hispanics, women and people without college degrees.

NO, TRANSWOMEN SHOULD NOT COMPETE IN WOMEN'S SPORTS And if the continue to do so, there will be no women's sports left. I've long made the argument that women should NOT compete in men's sports and vice versa. And like it or not, transwomen are still biologically male. It's not right. National Review agrees with me.

THE MASSIVE TOBACCO TAX INCREASE IS DEAD At least until the Governor tries to bring it up again. It died in the Senate.

I'M NOT TED CRUZ FAN, BUT HE'S SPOT ON WITH THIS There is no love lost between Senators Ted Cruz and Micheal Bennet. Cruz is not impressed with Bennet's POTUS bid and said it perfectly when he said this:


IMAGINE IF A REPUBLICAN SAID THIS But since Joe Biden uses the phrase "the 'hood" it's okay.

WHY THE DEMOCRATS HATE BILL BARR This column is OUTSTANDING. It lays out the real reasons Dems dislike Barr, and it's not because he's some dirty dude. It's because he's not. And they know it. Read it here.

DEMOCRATS ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY ON ABORTION At least when it comes to late term abortion anyway. Read this compelling argument here.

IT'S DERBY TIME! Today is the Kentucky Oaks, which is the filly day at the races and used to be the locals day at Churchill Downs. Now it's as well attended as Derby but no one cares outside of Louisville. Here are the horses and odds for tomorrow. I'm picking Vekoma because Javier Castellano is a damn good jockey. Good luck!

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