Mike Rosen has a Voter Guide for Denverites Today!

MIKE ROSEN LOVES TO HELP OUT VOTERS So I've invited him in at 1 to help Denverites decide who and what to vote for. Find out what's on the ballot by clicking here.

LESLEY MILLWEE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BY THEN GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON And she is out telling her story once again as the Clintons traipse around the country on their Farewell tour or whatever it is. Why isn't Clinton being held to the same standards as other creeps? Lesley joins me at 2pm today.

BILL BARR IS ON THE HILL TODAY And the Democrats are definitely not getting what they hoped for in this hearing. Attorney General Bill Barr is handling the Dem needling with absolute calm and dispassion. My favorite part of the entire day is this:

It takes text messages for a member of Congress to say the words we often think about other members of Congress. One more, Senator Lindsey Graham asks the questions about the FISA court I've had for some time now.


HOLY SMOKES THE JOB NUMBERS ARE ON FIRE! As they destroyed expectations and added 275,000 jobs this last month. Economists, who seem to have no idea about anything in this Trump economy, were predicting 177,000 new jobs. Sorry kids, the economy is cooking and you need to recognize it.

TUCKER CARLSON HAS IT RIGHT ABOUT INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA And he went on quite a tear about it last night. The quote that made me stand up and cheer is this one:

“Would the overthrow of [President Nicolás] Maduro make Venezuela a more stable, prosperous country? More to the point, would it be good for the United States?” Carlson said, specifically pointing to calls for intervention from Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.). “Before the bombers take off, let’s just answer a few quick questions, starting with the most obvious: When was the last time we successfully meddled in the political life of another country? Has it ever worked? How are those democracies we set up in Iraq and Libya and Syria and Afghanistan?”

Yeeesssssss, Tucker, yes. Our entire engagement with Venezuela should be openness to diplomatic relations with a leader who wants to engage with us, and that's it. Watch the whole rant here.


YES THE RICH GOT RICHER. NO, THE POOR DIDN'T GET POORER I just had this discussion with Candi Cdebaca when she was on. John Stossel explains why the fallacy of a fixed amount of wealth is just dumb. And shows that the poor got much, much richer than they have ever been.

MAY DAY IS WHEN WE SHOULD REMEMBER THE VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM this column is a great reminder of why we need to make sure Americans understand that socialism is just one totalitarian away from Communism, which has killed tens of millions of people.


SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE CNN MOUTH TO MOUTH Because they are straight up dying.

COULD ED MEDS HELP YOUR HEART? One study seems to suggest just that, as they found one such drug to have a positive impact on heart failure in sheep. Perhaps it works like this.

YOU CAHN'T GET SYROFOAM FROM HEAH Maine becomes the first state to ban styrofoam.

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