Regenerative Medicine Tuesday! Plus Don't Bring A Knife To a Knife Fight

DR. GARY FROM DOWNTOWN'S HEALTHCARE ARE IN TODAY Dr. Gary from Downtown's Healthcare is on for another chat about regenerative medicine and stuff like that. Find out more or make an appointment by clicking here.

THIS IS DISGUSTING AND PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS CRAP Apparently two hard right morons decided to smear Mayor Pete Buttigieg with fake accusations of sexual assault but they are so stupid and bad at this the guy they tried to use has already come out and said it's completely fake. I hope Mayor Pete sues these morons or something. I said it during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and I'll repeat it loudly here: SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS SHOULD NEVER BE WEAPONIZED. Ever. Period. It does an injustice beyond measure to those who have ACTUALLY been sexually assaulted.

KNIFE CONTROL ISN'T WORKING IN THE UK You may already know that the UK banned personal ownership of firearms (for all intents and purposes anyway) a long time ago, but you may not know it's illegal to carry a pocketknife now too. Why? Ban guns and people find other ways to murder someone, mainly knife attacks. The UK is coming off a year with a record number of murders via knife. People will murder people. It's an unfortunate fact of life. You can ban it all, but they will pick up a rock and smash someone over the head with it. The authorities even set up handy knife collection containers for people to deposit their knives. Which was promptly broken into and raided.

IS JOE BIDEN OKAY? He literally slurred his words throughout his speech yesterday. If I'm Trump, I'm becoming more and more cool with this candidate.

I AM FULLY IN SUPPORT OF THIS RECALL EFFORT Rep. Rochelle Galindo is facing a recall effort over her support of SB-181. She voted to devastate a big part of the economy in her district. She voted to put her constituents out of work. Amy Cooke nails it in this column. So why do support this and not the recall of Polis? First, I think it can succeed. Second, she turned her back completely on her own people and then lied to their faces about whether or not SB-181 would cause job losses. She deserves to go.

THIS IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL FOR A NO COMMENT The first openly gay woman serving as Commandant of the Air Force Academy has been relieved of her duty. Kind of a big deal if you ask me. And they are only saying it's because of an ongoing investigation. Hmmmm. A longer story here only adds to the questions.

IF CU DOESN'T HIRE MARK KENNEDY THEY HAVE GIVEN IN TO THE LEFT WING MOB Which now included Senator Mark Udall. He's putting his nose into the conversation and says CU should consider other candidates because Mark Kennedy isn't a screaming liberal. There are a lot of words here, but that's exactly what this means. I've got some words about this today.

DID A NETFLIX SERIES CAUSE A SPIKE IN SUICIDES? The show 13 Reasons Why was a huge hit for Netflix. It was a show where a young girl left a series of 13 tapes to explain why she killed herself. In the months after the show launched, there was a 30% SPIKE in suicides in kids between the ages of 10 and 17. I can't even imagine.


MILLIONAIRE BERNIE SANDERS KNOWS HOW OTHERS SHOULD SPEND THOSE MILLIONS Like Disney for instance. Millionaire Sanders says Disney should use the profits from the Avengers to pay all workers a middle class wage. I wonder if he's given his staff raises out of his millions?


A QUARTER OF THE FACT CHECKERS CHECKS ARE FAKE NEWS At least according to one columnist who fact checked the fact checkers who fact checked Trump's tweets. Got that?

HERE'S HOPING VENEZUELA ENDS UP BETTER THAN BEFORE As a coup is being attempted as we speak. The Trump administration has already expressed it's support for Juan Guaido, the dude trying to topple to impossibly inept and disastrous Maduro regime. But from what I can tell, he's not much better than Maduro. He's still a far leftist. We'll see if this is better than what is currently happening in Venezuela.

WE'RE MOVING ON UP, TO SUPER PRIMARY TUESDAY! This is good news for those of you who want your vote to count in the primary, we've moved our primaries to Super Tuesday. And since we now have open primaries it may be time to switch your party affiliation to Unaffiliated just so you have options. If you know what I mean (WINK!) Call me cynical, but one must wonder if the Governor is doing this so his home state has an impact when HE runs for POTUS soon? From the Secretary of State's website:

Q2. Who can vote in a Primary Election?
A2.During either the Presidential or June primary:
Voters affiliated with a major party: may cast a ballot for candidates of the party they are affiliated with.
Voters affiliated with a minor party: if there is a minor party contest those affiliated with that minor party may cast a ballot for those candidates.
Unaffiliated voters: An unaffiliated voter may cast a ballot for any one political party. If an unaffiliated voter returns a ballot with more than one political party, the ballot will be rejected and none of the votes will be counted.


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