Seriously Winter, You Can Go Now. Hello Monday.

THERE IS A MOVE AFOOT TO RECALL JARED POLIS And I've got a couple of members of the largest group working towards that goal on at 2pm! Find the Official website here. Or join the very active Facebook group here.

THE GOP NEEDS TO CHANGE TACTICS I read this column and shouted "AMEN" about ten times while doing so. Republicans need to realize that saying "socialism is coming" doesn't sound scary to poorly educated people struggling to pay their health care bills. I have a simple fix for this though. Simply start talking about how much generous welfare from the state costs EVERYONE in those Scandinavian states AOC and her ilk LOVES to talk about. Start talking about how much it's going to cost EVERYONE, not just the rich.

YES PARENTS, WE NEED TO KEEP OUR YOUNG KIDS AWAY FROM SMARTPHONES This article from the Wall Street Journal (which is behind a paywall, sorry about that) makes the case for keeping kids away from smartphones. From the article:

Consider a recent study in the journal Pediatrics, which found that grade-school children who own a smartphone are not only more likely to be cyberbullied than those who don’t, but are more likely to cyberbully others. Another study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association-Pediatrics, concludes that being the victim of cyberbullying, even more than traditional bullying, increases children’s thoughts of killing themselves.
Or think about the fact that smartphones are driving down the age when children typically consume pornography, which is now on average a startling 8 years old, according to research by Jesse Weinberger. Such content is shared between peers on school playgrounds and other settings. That, too, is a good reason for community action. It’s akin to how unvaccinated children don’t live in a bubble, but rather endanger peers.
Perhaps most disturbing of all, research by Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, has shown that teen girls’ high levels of smartphone and social-media use are amplifying their surging rates of depression and suicide-related behaviors. Since there is a contagion effect for suicide-related behaviors, including self cutting, access to smartphones increases the risk of suicide-related behaviors in the entire youth community—including for children who don’t have smartphones.

If that's not enough, there's more. The article makes the case that parents should consider banding together through programs like Wait Til 8th or Concord Promise. Frankly, I don't need any other parents to make this choice for me. My kid can be the odd duck out.

NO, THE CONSTITUTION WAS NEVER PRO-SLAVERY And this notion uttered by people uneducated about how the Constitution came to be and was ratified DRIVES ME INSANE. Here is a handy article that explains to those who went to government schools exactly how it is NOT, nor has it EVER been pro-slavery.

THIS CHICK IS BRINGING SEXY BACK TO THE SYMPHONY And I would embed the video of this very talented pianist, but then you would miss the most epic comments on YouTube. Check them out here.

TRUMP IS...COMFORTING? So says a California rabbi who spoke to the President after the shootings at his synagogue that left one dead and three injured. You won't hear much about it because the shooter was a leftist. The rabbi said the President spoke with him for about 15 minutes and was very "comforting". What a monster.

GOVERNOR FROM HIGH TAX STATE WANTS TO KNOW WHY GAS PRICES ARE SO HIGH And I really thought this was from The Onion, but no, it seems to be serious. California not only has some of the highest gas taxes in the country, their environmental policies require refiners to create special formulations JUST FOR California. This seems to be news to Governor Gavin Newsom, who wants to get the bottom of this mystery. He should just read this really sarcastic story from for the answers.

THE NEW YORK TIMES PUBLISHES A TOTALLY ANTI-SEMITIC CARTOON And they were all like, "Whoopsie, our bad" but many folks are still quite bothered. I'm just not sure how some editor didn't at least hesitate or ask for more opinions before he or she let it in. Here is the cartoon in question.

Yep, I'd say that's not even on the line of tastefulness. But hey, what's a little anti-Semitism among friends, amiright? Oh, and the cartoonist has something of a history of this sort of behavior. Go figure. And the Paper of Record apparently hires so few people who know anything about religion that they named Jesus a Palestinian in a prior article, which would have been neat for two reasons. Jesus was a Jew. And Palestine doesn't exist, nor has it existed, and the word was created by the Romans well after Jesus was born and died and was resurrected.

YES, JOE BIDEN SHOULD BE ASKED ABOUT BOTOX AND VENEERS If the press is EVER going to speculate about a female politician having a little work done, then we dang well better subject male candidates to the SAME garbage and nonsense. And yes, Joe Biden has had work done. No doubt about it.

YES, OBESITY WILL KILL YOU. SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT COOL. Even though last week we had a story about a nutbar woman who questioned whether or not her high blood pressure was caused by her obesity or the fat stigma she deals with on a daily basis, the science is in on this one. Obesity is a killer. It causes lots and lots of physical problems and conditions which will kill you. The best thing about it is you can reverse a lot of those diseases by losing weight.



CAL STATE JUMPS ON THE STUPID TRAIN WITH BOTH FEET As they are replacing the school mascot Prospector Pete because the Gold Rush was bad for indigenous peoples.

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