It's Friday! And a Denver City Council Candidate Who Embraces Communism!

CANDI CDEBACA IS ON AT 2PM She made some waves when she seemed to embrace communism during a recent interview. I've been researching her and she's smart and motivated and I'm genuinely interested in speaking with her about why she seems to want to follow a model that has lead to death and misery wherever it's been tried. Find out more about her here.

GDP IN THE FIRST QUARTER WAS EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP SAID IT WOULD BE And it was a stellar 3.2%, the best first quarter since 2015. This is after "economic analysts" said the economy would begin slowing in 2019 as we head towards a recession.

GREG BROPHY IS DOING GOD'S WORK By trying to give voters the ability to vote on whether or not we should just stay on Daylight Saving Time. I swear I will go door to door to support this measure. Read about it here.

HERE ARE FIVE WAYS THE MUELLER PROBE BROKE THE RULES And this sort of piggybacks off of yesterday's interview with investigative journalist Sara Carter. The Mueller team did not do a good faith investigation and this column outlines the ways they crapped on prosecutorial standards.

SARA CARTER BROKE THIS STORY YESTERDAY AFTER MY SHOW! Text messages show that smarmy jerk former FBI agent Peter Strzok not only worked to submarine the Trump campaign, but also wanted to establish a "relationship" with someone in the Trump office AFTER he was elected!

ANOTHER FAKE HATE CRIME RESULTS IN ARRESTS And I must wonder if the DA is going to drop the charges against the Jewish restaurant owner who defaced his own restaurant with anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas. I doubt it because he's not famous. I'm glad he's facing charges, even if he's in Canada.

SPEAKING OF FAKE HATE CRIMES A judge called out Kim Foxx's office during a hearing for a woman charged with filing a false police report in Chicago by asking repeatedly why this woman was in court when Jussie Smollet was not facing charges for a far worse instance of the same crime. I'm floored that Kim Foxx still has a job.


NO, FELONS IN PRISON SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE And I can not AMEN this column enough.

MORE GREAT PUBLICITY FOR THE WORST AIRLINE AROUND When a passenger had the nerve to not want to sit in vomit, the totally unhelpful flight attendant managed to have her arrested. Well done, Frontier!

BIDEN'S FITNESS FOR CANDIDACY QUESTIONED BY...CNN? Has the world gone upside down? CNN did a breakdown of Joe Biden's weaknesses as a candidate. For real.

WHAT THE ACTUAL YOU KNOW WHAT WITH THIS STORY This woman has 44 kids. She's 36 years old. And yes, they are all biologically hers.

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