How Do We Talk About Tough Stuff With Our Kids? We'll Find Out This Tuesday

LEVON HUPFER WORKS WITH A LOT OF KIDS As a Diversion Officer in a District Attorney's office, Levon sees a lot of kids at their lowest point. But he knows how to have a tough conversation with kids and after last week, I thought it would be good to have him on again. He joins me at 2.


Got that? The VA ain't broke, so don't fix it. I could open the phones at 1 and get three hours of phone calls from vets who could explain how broken it really is.

DEMS ARE POLLING IMPEACHMENT And I know this sort of thing happens on BOTH sides of the aisle (I've long said Mitch McConnell runs every statement by a focus group to see how it do) but if you believe that President Trump is SO CORRUPT that he MUST be impeached, why bother polling whether or not voters support it? And yet, that's what just happened during a conference call with Dems.

SHAME ON JENNIFER KOVALESKI FOR THIS ONE in this article about Weld County Commissioners passing a proclamation of support for the oil and gas industry in response to SB-181, this is how Kovaleski started the story:

WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- As Colorado begins rewriting the rules for oil and gas, Weld County commissioners are vowing to fight newly approved regulations that put health and safety before profit.

Put health and safety above profit? That certainly sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Let me rewrite it in a more accurate way:

WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- As Colorado Democrats begin rewriting existing oil and gas regulations, which are already the most stringent in the nation, Weld County commissioners passed a proclamation supporting the oil and gas industry which is so important to Weld County's economy.

You're welcome.

IRAN APPOINTS NUKE HIDING, JEW HATING SOLDIER AS HEAD OF THE IRGC And since he's long vowed to "annihilate Israel" this should go well.

A WOMAN WITH NOTHING TO GAIN CALLS OUT CBS FOR IT'S LACK OF DIVERSITY And I hope you all read Whitney Davis' article with an open mind, unlike so many of the commenters who really didn't read the article at all. Whitney Davis shines a very strong light on an all white workforce at a company that loves to tout how much it loves diversity. I get this. I'm not black, obviously, but when I had to sit at a talk radio conference and listen to the man who once said of me and other women, "Women can't succeed in talk radio" that radio needed more diversity I almost committed murder. Talking about it isn't harping on it and it isn't whining or complaining, it's unfortunately still necessary because not everyone understands how bad some industries still are.

MARTIN LUTHER KING'S WISH FOR EQUALITY IS ACTUALLY TOTES RACIST Y'ALL At least according to a visiting lecturer at Boston University. The white woman says that people who genuinely treat people based on the content of their character rather than their skin tone are a HUGE problem. DANGEROUS even. You have to read it for yourself to believe it.

HOW DID THE RUSSIANS MEDDLE IN OUR ELECTIONS? OBAMA LET THEM. Don't @ me, Sharyl Atkisson breaks down the myriad of ways the incompetent response by the Obama admin in the name of politics put our system in jeopardy.

HERE IS YOUR HEART WARMING STORY OF THE DAY And I'm sharing it because it's amazing what a tiny bit of kindness can do to change someone's day. Read this wonderful story of a young man who didn't want an old lady to eat alone.


WANT TO START EXERCISING BUT DON'T KNOW HOW? This video is a really, really great way to work your way into exercise with NO GYM MEMBERSHIP or outlays of cash.

TRUMP'S CITIZENSHIP QUESTION ON THE CENSUS IS HEADED TO THE SUPREMES The Highest court in the land will hear arguments about whether or not the Trump administration has the right to ask people their citizenship status on the US Census. I have a couple of questions after reading this article. First, why would a Hispanic person who is here legally NOT answer the Census if asked about citizenship. Should people here illegally be counted towards representation in the House and Senate? I'd argue no. But that's what many states seem to be advocating for. The court should rule in June.

WHO ARE THESE STRANGE BEINGS WHO DON'T USE THE INTERNET? I'm shocked...SHOCKED I tell report that 10% of Americans don't use the internet. But then I read the breakdown and see that a whole bunch of those people are men who live in the country who are over 65 and I'm like ahhhhh...

SOCIAL SECURITY WILL BE INSOLVENT IN 16 YEARS And if you think people are freaking out about the world ending in 12 years, wait until a bunch of millennials realize their parents are coming to live them because their Social Security got cut. Please read this article for all the details.

THE NIGERIAN BROTHERS WHO ATTACKED JUSSIE SMOLLET ARE TALKING And they are doing it in court. They are now suing two of his attorneys for defamation and they say Smollet orchestrated and engineered the ENTIRE attack, down to the noose.

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