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LOOKING FOR LOVE? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Laura Menze is a relationship expert and she's got a really cool event for those of you who truly want to find love. It's the Radical Love Summit and it's this weekend. Find all the details and sign up by clicking here! Laura joins me at 2 to talk love.

HERE ARE JUST SOME LIBERAL HEROES WHO NEED TO BE SCRUBBED FROM HISTORY BECAUSE OF THEIR RACISM Last Friday we told you about the Yankees banning Kate Smith because she recorded two songs deemed racist by today's standards (even though one of them is believed to a satire song). So I thought it would be fun to put other liberal heroes through the "Revised History-O-Rama Meter" and see how they fared. So from now on, these people must be scrubbed from all mentions by liberals:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From interning Japanese people en masse to only inviting the white athletes from the 1936 Olympics to the White House (no Jesse Owens, sorry) to refusing to back anti-lynching legislation to appointing a member of the KKK to the Supreme Court, he's a real winner!

Teddy Roosevelt: Widely recognized as the Father of the Modern Progressive Movement, he was also a total racist. More on his white supremacy here.

Margaret Sanger: She is the liberal hero behind Planned Parenthood, the abortion mill which operates mostly in minority neighborhoods. A eugenicist who believed that the addled and mentally infirm should be sterilized, worked especially hard in black communities.

Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Father adored by the Left since Lin-Manuel Miranda made a hip hop musical about him, is portayed as anti-slavery in the musical, but that's not quite right. One would think a staunch abolitionist wouldn't buy or sell people for others, and yet, he did. Multiple times. I'm not the only one who noticed.

Gertrude Stein: The mother of second wave feminism was a total anti-Semite (her loathing for Jewish patriarchy overriding her own Jewishness) and supporter of the Vichy regime.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: One of the mothers of the Women's Suffragette movement wasn't above calling black men stupid while fighting for the right of white women ONLY to vote.

THE PROGRESSIVE ADVANTAGE CONTINUES IN COLORADO And if you missed my interview with Richard Turnquist about his now viral blog post The Progressive Advantage, you need to read it by clicking the title. But it's not just organization in Colorado that is making us more red than ever, it's a serious money advantage too. Read this EVEN MORE DEPRESSING report about that. Note how much of the Dems money comes from states like California and New York. I wonder when Republicans in this state are going to realize they have to donate to Republicans to fight back?

GOVERNOR POLIS SIGNS IN OUR DEFICIT SPENDING BUDGET In order to fund his pet all day kindergarten project, the Colorado Legislature took $40 million from our rainy day fund to balance the budget, which is 5% larger than last year. Vote for Democrats and this is what you get. I can't wait for the tax base to take a hit from oil and gas leaving the state so the Dems can complain about how there isn't enough money for education and roads and whatnot.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS KILL ALMOST 300 IN EASTER ATTACKS IN SRI LANKA And now some nutbar has claimed responsibility for the horrific attacks that killed Christians celebrating Easter. We are in a religious war whether we want to admit it or not. It was declared by members of ONE faith against all others of another faith. Please offer up your prayers that their God tells them to knock it off.

BEFORE YOU VOTE TO LET THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE KEEP YOUR TAX REFUNDS Please note that the part where they tell you it will ALL GO to fix roads and schools, they TOLD US THIS BEFORE AND LIED ABOUT IT. The funding shell game is used all the time by greedy politicians who want to tell us we're doing something for the good of the state before they move money around to get whatever it is THEY WANT. Don't fall for it this time.

BETH HART KILLED IT AT THE PARAMOUNT SATURDAY NIGHT And if you missed it, check her out here.

ELIZABETH WARREN TRIES TO BUY THE VOTES OF MILLENNIALS Because there is absolute no reason for this other than that.

THIS IS PRETTY MUCH WHY I HATE CANADA GEESE They are vicious little jerks who poop everywhere.


I THINK DAVE WROTE THIS COLUMN about how men don't need cuddling parties to "fix" masculinity.

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