Someone Let the Air Out of the Mueller Balloon. Insert Sad Face Here.

WE ARE MARKING THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COLUMBINE MASSACRE THIS WEEKEND As if you didn't know by the wackadoodle woman shutting down all school districts this week. KOA Newsradio's own Jerry Bell has a phenomenal special airing this weekend and he's on at 3pm to preview it.

MEGHANN CONTER IS ONE HECKUVA A DAME And in my continuing effort to bring you people that can help you live your best life these days, I'm bringing Meghann on to talk about branding your business the right way and why she started an organization to bring high performing business women together. Reach Meghann and by clicking here. Find out more about The Dames by clicking here.

BOY THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG Have you checked the major media outlets today about the Mueller report? Headline CNN:

Democrats aim fury at Attorney General Bill Barr's handling of Mueller report

Headline MSNBC:

Mueller report reveals Sarah Sanders lied to press in 2017

Headline ABC News:

Sarah Sanders defends herself against Mueller report on her past claim

Headline CBS News:

Top Democrat sees "considerable evidence of obstruction of justice" in Mueller report, issues subpoena

Headline NBC News:

Mueller didn't charge Trump — but his report is a brutal indictment

To be clear here, there is nothing of real interest in the Mueller report. Let's see what the Dems come up with next to stop Trump.

GLENN GREENWALD SHOWS WHY DEMS NEED TO GET OVER IT By very carefully reminding us of all the "bombshell" reporting that was 100% completely and utterly wrong about the Mueller investigation and clearly outlining which conspiracy theories were totally shut down by the report. It's long and everyone in the world should read it.

DINGOS TRIED TO EAT HIS BABY! But an Australian man managed to wrench is toddler away from the dingo who snuck into the family camper to snatch the tyke. Dingoes sound awfully horrible to me.

FEWER PEOPLE FILED JOBLESS CLAIMS THAN SINCE 1969 And just to give you some context, yours truly was BORN in 1969. Only 192.000 people filed initial jobless claims last week, which is the lowest since 1969. But think about this. What percentage of the overall population does that represent? There were 202.7 million Americans in 1969 and 327.2 million in 2018. That makes this number even more impressive.

AOC HAS A VIDEO OF OUR NEW SOCIALIST UTOPIA And it would be really cool if any of it were rooted in reality. Check it out for yourself.

Seriously. She conveniently leaves out how Al Gore said there would be no more snow by 2013, or that Michael Mann's hockey stick wasn't even close to reality, or that Gore also said we'd have more severe and often hurricanes that never came. But it's fun to watch this little scamp dream. Here's a fun column ripping it to shreds.

DUDE A Chinese man finally had his 61 pound neck tumor removed.

YANKEES DUMP KATE SMITH Why did the New York Yankees stop playing the most iconic version of "God Bless America" ever? Because Kate Smith sang some songs that by today's standards are racist. I'm not saying they weren't racist when they were recorded, but the country viewed things differently then. Check the whole mess here. Not to be outdone the Philadelphia Flyers have not only stopped playing the songs, they've shrouded the statue outside their venue of Kate Smith.

WHAT A FANTASTIC INTERVIEW WITH NORMAN PODHORETZ If you don't know who Norman Podhoretz is, this article will be a great way to get to know him. He's a neocon who supported the Iraq War and does a beautiful job describing why Trump supporters love Trump. Give it a read here.


I hate a cliffhanger!

ARE COLORADO DEMOCRATS FOLLOWING THE JIMMY CARTER MODEL? Michael Fields makes the case in this column about how the new Democrat initiatives will destroy our strong economy.

hHERE ARE SOME PHOTOS FROM THE CBA AWARDS! First, the whole crew with our prize. From left to right, Instagrant, me and Dave the Intrepid

The Mandy Show at CBA Awards

Now in the next two of the whole KOA team, note that April and I are the only ones acting the fool in the first one. Just saying.

The Whole KOA Team at the CBA Awards
The Whole KOA Team as ourselves

Now here is one of Chuck and me and Nick Cage from 93.3 KTCL

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