Too Bad There Are No Big Stories Today. JK!

HOW LONG WILL DEMOCRATS BEAT THIS DEAD HORSE? If you want to know exactly how disappointing the Mueller report is for Democrats, just see how long the press coverage continues. My prediction is 36 hours before it drops off precipitously before the Sunday shows ratchet it up again for one day. I may be wrong, but this is such a non story at this point it's almost painful to watch the suffering of those who can't let it go.

READ THE REPORT FOR YOURSELF It will do a world of good to make your own judgments based on actually reading the report. Download it here.

THE MUELLER REPORT BY THE NUMBERS Wow, this is illuminating. Sort of makes me wonder what Democrats would uncover if they began an investigation into obstruction that wasn't uncovered by this very expensive very expansive investigation.

ACT LIKE YOU BEEN THERE Or this might happen.

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT At 2pm. Find out more about Charles by clicking here.

TAYLOR WILLIAMSON IS ONE FUNNY DUDE And he's performing at Comedy Works this weekend so buy your tickets now!

AND HERE'S A STORY ABOUT THE MATING SEASON OF DAVE'S NEW FAVORITE BIRD Because everyone should know that the Kakapow had a good breeding year.

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