What's That? You Want a Free for All Friday? Alrighty Then!

FORMER METS CATCHER AND COLORADO NATIVE JOHN STEARNS IS IN TODAY! We'll talk baseball then vs. baseball now and find out if he has any words of wisdom for the struggling Rockies.

THIS IS THE KIND OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE MAGIC I CAN GET BEHIND I actually suggested a version of this but this works too. President Trump is threatening to release the flood of undocumented migrants into Sanctuary cities for them to deal with. This would be amazing. I would still prefer DC however.

ENTITLEMENTS WILL SLOW DOWN THE ECONOMY And it's not just me saying it, it's former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. He says the growing entitlements of Social Security and Medicare and more are taking money out of the economy and will eventually slow down economic growth. He is correct.

IS CU BOULDER ACTUALLY GOING TO UNHIRE SOMEONE BECAUSE HE'S A CONSERVATIVE? This is nuts. The Board of Regents unanimously chose one final candidate to lead CU-Boulder. Then Twitter got involved and demanded they unchose him because HE'S A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. I crap you not. I'm going to see if we can get a Regent on the show to discuss it. Read the whole thing here.


WANT TO BE HAPPIER? SMILE. It's really as simple as that. Just smile to improve your own mood. It's SCIENCE!

THIS WOMAN HAS LOST HER DAMN MIND An allegedly grown woman took to Reddit to complain that her pregnant, yet enchanting bridesmaid owes her $30k for a new wedding because she upstaged her on her big day.

GAME OF THRONES IS COMING BACK OR SOMETHING And this article pretty much explains why I'm happy this thing is almost over.

TAXING THE RICH HARDLY MAKES IT A FAIR SHARE We all know the rallying cry of the good socialist left: Tax the Rich because they need to pay their FAIR SHARE! Except it's just stupid because they pay way more than their fare share already. Read this for more.

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