A Great New Podcast About Veterans and Common Core is a Total Failure.

IF YOU LOVE GREAT STORIES ABOUT VETERANS Tune in at 3 to hear about Shock and Awe 2.0! Listen to the first episode here!

COMMON CORE IS MAKING OUR CHILDREN DUMBER And that isn't just idle speculation. The data is in and it's ugly and shows no signs of turning around. This column lays it out. We shall discuss today.

JULIAN ASSANGE IS IN CUSTODY IN THE UK After being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been living since 2012. Ecuador grew tired of his antics apparently and pulled his asylum and the UK police nabbed Assange this morning. Immediately the US charged him with hacking top secret computers with the help of Bradley Whatshernamenow Manning. I'm assuming his trial will be full of theatrics and interesting to watch.

WATCHING A WHITE GUY GET ASSAULTED BY TWO YOUNG MEN IS A-OKAY IN CHICAGO At least a until a security guard pulls a gun, when the people videotaping his assault instead of helping the man get upset.


YES, THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DID SPY ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN And though the lazy media (who are always willing to allow Rep. Adam Schiff to spout his conspiracy theories without challenge) are now demanding Attorney General Bill Barr produce "proof" of his assertion that spying on the Trump campaign did take place. Luckily, Byron York does it for them here.

MY HEALTHY PARANOIA ABOUT ALEXA ISN'T CRAZY AFTER ALL As Bloomberg reports that Amazon IS listening to your conversations. They use snippets of recorded conversations to tweak the algorithm and make Alexa better, but did you know that?


THIS IS EXACTLY WHY CONGRESS NEEDS TO DO IT'S JOB WHEN IT COMES TO WAR And God Bless Senator Rand Paul for trying to hold Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to a higher standard when it comes to war. And Sec. of State Mike Pompeo comes up very, very short here.

THIS MIT SCIENTIST THINKS WE ARE ALL LIVING IN A SIMULATION Via The Matrix of course. If we are living in a simulation can I have some cheat codes? Read his argument in this article.

A FEMALE GRAD STUDENT CREATED THE ALGORITHM THAT ALLOWED THAT BLACK HOLE PHOTO And since we are always told that women are underrepresented in STEM fields I think it's neat she's getting some love for her accomplishment.

GILLETTE JUMPS INTO THE FRAY AGAIN This time by featuring an obese model in a bikini to sell women's razors. The internet was not kind. Although I think we should not use shame to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle, I also don't agree with this move to glamorize obesity when we know it is now the biggest medical issue we face in the US. But dang, the internet was NASTY.

TWITTER'S JACK DORSEY ISN'T LIKE US And it is probably why he's so successful, but BLECH, who wants to live like this?

MICHAEL AVENETTI IS A WAY BIGGER SCUMBAG THAN INITIALLY THOUGHT As he's been indicted for stealing from a mentally ill client. Nice guy, CNN.

DEAR SWITZERLAND, WE SHALL AGREE TO DISAGREE Switzerland is moving to end it's stockpiling of coffee because they say coffee is "not essential" for human survival. Maybe not for survival but certainly for joy and efficiency.

THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS I LOVE REP. THOMAS MASSIE Because he's wicked smart and not afraid to show it.

And after Kerry expressed his shock on Twitter, Thomas Massie shot back:

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