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DAVE SAYS THE HOLODECK WILL BE THE END OF SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT If you've ever watched a modern version of Star Trek, you've seen the holodeck. It's that big room where you can go to create an alternate reality for recreation. Well it's coming to life now.

Dave has maintained that once we have the option of living in a perfect world of our own creating, our desire to live in the difficult, messy, challenging world of the real world becomes really unappealing. Is he right? I think so, but I think it could be even more dangerous than that.

HOW CAN THE DEMOCRATS NOT BE EMBARRASSED BY THIS? It's a rhetorical question , of course because politicians have no shame. I should start out by saying that Candace Owens is so incredibly impressive it's ridiculous. She was testifying about online hate the other day when Rep. Ted Lieu decided to try the ultimate gotcha with her. Watch this whole video to get a true understanding of how evil his actions are.

WANT TO BE INSPIRED? YOU NEED TO WATCH THE EPISODE OF A FOOTBALL LIFE ON AENEAS WILLIAMS I was straight up bawling by the end and I woke up today ready to go be a world beater and die empty. He is amazing. You have to have a membership at NFL Network to watch the whole thing, but here is a trailer.

BERNIE SANDERS IS A TOTAL MILLIONAIRE HYPOCRITE Bernie is about to release his tax returns and lo and behold, he's a millionaire. He wrote a best selling book and now he's one of the people he hates. I bet you dollars to donuts he gives nothing to charity too. This is my favorite quote from Bernie:

“I wrote a best-selling book,” he declared. “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

Wait, what? You mean if you produce a product that people want to buy, you too can become a despised part of society demonized by Democratic Socialists like Bernie and AOC? Welcome to capitalism, you a-hole. Why are none of these reporters pressing Bernie on how he is sharing his filthy lucre with those who are less fortunate? This is a man who said in the 1970's that no one should earn more than a million dollars a year by the way. I despise him with the fire of a 1,000 suns.

SPEAKING OF HYPOCRITES, HELLO STATE REP. JESSIE DANIELSON Too bad the internet is forever and people like Tyler Sandberg love to nerd out on stuff like this. I for one am thankful he is that sort of nerd or we would have missed out on this:

WE'VE GOT A DOOLITTLE RAID ON ROCHELLE GALINDA BREWING IN BOULDER And if you don't know what that is Jon Caldara explains it beautifully here.

THE LEFT LOSES IN ISRAEL As Benjamin Netanyahu wins an historic fifth term as his party won enough seats to lead a coalition government from the Right. The parliamentary system is unlike ours, so there aren't direct elections for the Presidency. It's also funny to me that Bibi is the "right" because Israel is a socialist democracy. This column mourns the death of the Left in Israel and in the Western world overall.

AM I KILLING RETAIL STORES? Short answer, yes, as I am one of those Americans who does an increasing amount of shopping online. But I DO go to retail stores who make it easy for me to have something delivered there, especially clothes I can try on and immediately return if they don't fit. There may be an on coming retail apocalypse though, unless brands figure out how to get me into their bricks and mortar locations on a regular basis. I have some ideas for them.

JANUS IS WRECKING UNION FINANCES The Janus decision where the Supreme Court ruled that people who are not members of a union could not be forced to essentially pay union dues via forced "agency fees" has been devastating to unions. Via Bloomberg:

Two major public sector unions lost nearly 210,000 agency fee payers combined in 2018, according to recently filed reports showing the impact of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that prohibits forcing nonmembers to pay for collective bargaining and other nonpolitical expenses.
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees saw a 98 percent drop from the prior year, leaving 2,200 agency fee payers. The Service Employees International Union lost 94 percent of their agency fee payers, reducing the number of agency fee payers to 5,800.
The disclosure reports filed with the Labor Department last week provide an early snapshot of ramifications of the high court’s June 2018 ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, which said mandatory agency fees in the public sector violate nonmembers’ First Amendment rights.

Perhaps the unions should try to earn the membership of those people by not crapping all over their political views as they mindlessly support only Democrat causes? Just a thought.

THE NEW YORK TIMES TIES ADS TO HOW THE STORIES MAKE YOU FEEL This is really cool if you find advertising strategies interesting, which I do. The Times now uses an internally created system to place ads next to stories based on the expected emotions you might feel reading that story. Very cool and way less intrusive than what happens now.

WHEN A BURGLAR LEAVES YOUR HOUSE CLEANER THAN THEY FOUND IT Cops were called by a woman who said a burglar was in her bathroom. Cops arrived, guns drawn, and busted her robotic vacuum cleaner in the act.

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