Oh Monday. You're Back Again.

TRUMP IS FIRING A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS Although I'm not going to lie when I see that he is firing the head of the Secret Service I'm dying to know the "why" of that one. It's no secret that DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielson has been a disappointment as illegal immigrants stream across the border at near record rates, so the fact she's out makes sense. But the head of the Secret Service? Hmmmm.

COULD THERE BE A CANCER VACCINE AROUND THE CORNER? Maybe, as researchers say a new injection that gets the patients immune system to destroy cancer cells has seen success in a very, very small test run on Lymphoma patients. Don't go lining up for your preventive shot, though. This is only for people who already HAVE cancer. But here's hoping it works on more forms of cancer when it's tried!

HAVE AWARDS SHOWS JUMPED THE SHARK? I think the internet has killed awards shows. The American Country Music Awards saw the lowest audience numbers since 2007 and I think this is a symptom of a bigger problem. Why sit through a bunch of boring crap you don't care about to get to the performance you want to see when you can see it the next day on the internet? When was the last time you watched an awards show?

SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO SELL A KIDNEY IF YOU WANT TO? As a libertarian at heart, I'm all for this, with one caveat. You should be required to carry some special "kidney failure" insurance in case YOUR other kidney fails and you end up on dialysis. This column asks the same question with some interesting black market information.

MAYOR PETE IS TURNING INTO A FORMIDABLE OPPONENT And I mean that. This weekend I read a bunch of his interviews and he's everything Trump is not. He sounds reasonable, he's calm, he's got a pleasant demeanor and he's an excellent communicator of his positions. And when he goes out and gives speeches about being gay like this one, I'm thinking we should pay him attention. He's the "right" kind of gay candidate for middle America.


THIS MIGHT BE THE CREEPIEST JOKER YET and I'm pretty excited to see this one.

FRONTIER STILL NOT A GOOD AIRLINE At least according to pretty much every ranking of airlines out there including this one. This is a perfect example of putting profit before customers and my prediction is eventually it will fail when you run out of suckers willing to fly you because you stink all the time.

WHAT'S THE REAL DEAL WHEN IT COMES TO THE PAY GAP? We just had Equal Pay day and I'm sure you heard all the stats about how little women make vs. men. This column digs deeper and provides necessary context to give a fuller picture.

I SAW THIS YESTERDAY AND SHOOK MY DANG HEAD Y'all know I love CBS Sunday Morning. Yesterday they did a great story on the black members of Congress during Reconstruction but they couldn't resist revising history with one graphic. Let me know when you see it.

You should click this link to read a fuller reminder of WHO passed the Jim Crow laws in the first place. Spoiler Alert: it wasn't Republicans.

TRUMP TOWER KILLS MILLIONS OF BIRDS EVERY YEAR Okay, okay, it's NOT JUST Trump Tower, but I'm surprised that wasn't the headline used on this story about how skyscrapers in the US kill 600 MILLION birds a YEAR. Doesn't that make you ask, how many birds do we have in the first place that we're killing THAT many with buildings???

BERNIE THINKS FELONS SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE FROM BEHIND BARS Because now that everyone else has adopted every position he's ever had he has to say something to restore his lunatic image. Read it here.

THIS IS A TOTAL OVERREACTION BY A SCHOOL DISTRICT AND IT'S STUPID A school took all the doors off the bathrooms stalls because of an anonymous threat posted in one of the bathrooms. People please, use some judgement. Any judgement. Just use some.

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