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IT'S TIME FOR DENVER TO SAVE ITSELF And vote down Ordinance 300 which would do away with the outdoor camping ban that is one of the tools the city has to fight homelessness and the accompanying garbage and human feces. This is a long article on Ordinance 300 which lays out why "homeless advocates" are pushing for it, while downtown business owners are most decidedly not. They keep saying in the article that the solution to homelessness is housing, but no one mentions that most homeless people in Denver are addicted or mentally ill or both. THAT IS THE ISSUE. If you are thinking of voting yes on 300, please take an hour of your life and watch this video called Seattle is Dying before you turn us into that. Seattle has been ruled by compassion for the homeless for years. Unfortunately the homeless show no such compassion for Seattle.

OLD DEMS STILL LOVE CREEPY JOE As Nancy Pelosi says that his creepy behavior with women is in NO WAY a disqualifier for him running for President. Dick Durbin says hey, it's just ONE allegation, that's no big deal! Except after he said that a second woman came forth to discuss being creeped out by a nose rub (yes, Joe Biden rubbed noses with her without permission). It seems to me that practical Democrats realize that Bernie would be a disaster and they feel Biden is their best hope to deal with Trump so they are not ready to give up yet, creepy or not.

SPEAKING OF CREEPY JOE Here's a fun compilation of Joe Being Joe!

MITCH MCCONNELL SAYS HE'S FINALLY HAD ENOUGH And though I will believe it when I see it, Senator McConnell says he's going to move ahead with rules changes so the Senate Democrats will stop obstructing EVERY nominee for EVERY office, controversial or not. From his column:

Every presidential election since John Adams beat Thomas Jefferson in 1796 has undoubtedly left some senators disappointed. But never before has the unhappy side then built a systematic effort to keep the new president's administration unstaffed.
We aren’t talking about limited opposition to a few high-profile nominees or unusual circumstances. It’s mindless, undiscriminating obstruction for the sake of obstruction. Even uncontroversial lower-level nominees whom literally no senators oppose are not spared.
Across the first two years of each of the six presidents preceding President Trump, the Senate only had to hold 24 total cloture votes on nominations. That’s the once-rare procedural step that unlocks an up-or-down confirmation vote even though a minority has sought to block it.
And in President Trump’s first two years? We had to hold a stunning 128 cloture votes to advance nominations. Our Democratic colleagues made the Senate jump over five times as many hurdles as in the equivalent periods in the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations combined.

That's a pretty compelling argument if you ask me. The rules change would not completely neuter the opposition, but would shorten the period of time after cloture that they could gum up the works. There is nothing crazy in this and it needs to happen, stat.

IT LOOKS LIKE THE DEATH PENALTY IS HERE TO STAY FOR NOW As the bill has been indefinitely yanked this session. The problem? Some Democrats sided with Senator Rhonda Fields on this one, I'm guessing. Read the details here.

cCOLORADO'S PUBLIC OPTION EXPERIMENT IS OVER BEFORE IT STARTED And you're going to LOVE the reason why. There was a push to create a pilot program that would allow 100 people from a mountain town to buy into the state insurance plan. It was going to be the mini "public option" that was going to push us to a glorious public option here in Colorado. Except when the Dems crunched the numbers they found it is simply not financially feasible. Imagine that!

HEY, IF YOU LOVE THE NHS IN BRITAIN Ask yourself why Mick Jagger is in New York to get his heart valve replacement surgery and not getting it for free in the UK. I'll wait. He lives in the UK, btw. Still waiting.g


NO, CBS HUMAN SMUGGLERS ARE NOT HUMANITARIANS I guess CBS News doesn't have The Google because it took me less than 3 seconds to find all sorts of stories about human smugglers raping and enslaving women, killing people, leaving people to die in hot trucks and more fun stuff. Because they did a story so kind to human smugglers I'm sure the Nobel committee is looking to nominate some of them for their great work. This is why people think there is a problem with media bias.

DID WE NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM JURASSIC PARK?? This article asks that very question which could be, "if we're talking about bringing back extinct animals, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?"

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