It's Move Over Monday with the Executive Director of CDOT!

CDOT HAS A NEW CHIEF AND WE'VE GOT HER TODAY AT 3P So join me in welcoming Shoshana Lew to her new role with great questions and some opportunities to talk about what YOU'D like to see happen.

JOE BIDEN JUST FOUND OUT HOW CREEPY HE IS And in true Patriarchy form, he's trying to fight back as best he can by saying he didn't INTEND to be creepy, which we know from the Hillary email investigation immediately excuses you from any crime. It is kinda fun to watch the Left descend like vultures on one of their alleged heroes when they deserve it. All of us on the other side have known he was creepy and handsy and gross and inappropriate, but we were told that's just Joe being Joe. And this is the end of Joe Biden ever becoming POTUS. Creeper.

BURNOUT IS REAL AND PEOPLE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO IT Because when burnout is taken to it's extreme it can cause really serious health issues. Hi, my name is Mandy and I am currently dealing with a pretty epic case of burnout myself. But I'm taking steps to deal with my work load in a way that leaves me time for things like my family and hiking in our beautiful state. And if you are one of those people who believe working hard is all there is, you are headed to burnout too. Read this for the skinny on how burnout actually makes you less productive and successful. Then pay attention.

HOW WILL THE DEMOCRATS SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE AOC? Because she is raising hell over the DCCC policy that punishes political consultants who work with upstart primary challengers to sitting Dems. This is a problem for AOC because she is not only on record as being in favor of getting more reasonable Democrats bounced out of office, she's working with a PAC to do it. She is now telling people to "pause" their donations to the DCCC. This should go over well.

IF YOU'RE HEADED TO HANGING LAKE YOU BETTER HAVE A PERMIT As the Colorado landmark was getting "loved to death" the Park Service has stepped in to slow down tourist traffic. There is now a permit system in place and even a shuttle as Colorado works to keep Colorado beautiful for all of us.

I THINK TRUMP SHOULD SHUT DOWN THE BORDER FOR A BIT Because our border towns are being overrun with migrants asking for asylum and we have no resources to process this type of swarm. At least send the message that currently, we are full until we can process all the people waiting to be processed in detention centers. Not to mention it would create a very interesting argument as Democrats would likely scream about how Un-American it is to close the border while we catch up.

COMMON CORE HAS BEEN AN EPIC FAILURE AND IT'S TIME FOR REAL REFORM ACT scores are a 20 year low. Does this alone mean Common Core is a failure? Perhaps not, but there's more in this article on

They showed U.S. fourth graders declining on reading achievement. The 2015 results on the most reliable nationwide U.S. test showed the“first ever significant decline of 2-3 points – about a quarter of a grade-level worth – in mathematics at both grades 4 and 8, and in grade 4 reading.” The next iteration of that test showed no gains again.
During the Obama administration,writes Harvard professor Paul Peterson, “No substantively significant nationwide gains were registered for any of the three racial and ethnic groupings in math or reading at either 4th or 8th grade.

Thanks, Obama!

ACADEME IS NOT THE BEST AUTHORITY ON THINGS First off, if you aren't reading you should be every day. The articles are long but they are doing stories on things other media simply is not. This is a long column by a college professor on how little academics actually KNOW about the things we are supposed to believe they are experts on. This one is on global warming specifically and it really undermines the "Professor Knows All" attitude so prevalent on college campuses today.

IT WILL BE DIFFERENT THIS TIME IS THE SOCIALIST REFRAIN And this article, also on dismantles that notion spectacularly.



IT'S TIME FOR A HANDWRITTEN NOTE, EVEN IF IT'S OLD FASHIONED I love this column because I love getting a handwritten note. I think one of the reasons I love to shop at Wish GIfts is they send a handwritten note to me after every purchase.



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