Can We Stop This Stupid National Popular Vote Thing? And it's Wednesday!

CAN THE MAYOR OF MONUMENT STOP THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE? Of course Mayor Don Wilson is not going this alone, but he's one of a few people trying to undo the damage Colorado Democrats just did to your right to determine President of the United States. I've got him at 2pm today to talk about a referendum he's trying to put together to stop this nonsense. Visit for more!

MICHAEL COHEN IS SUPER MAD AT DONALD TRUMP And like a scorned lover who adoringly did the bidding of his former flame, he is now turning on Trump with a vengeance. Does it matter that Trump paid Stormy Daniels off? Not if he paid out of his own money. Does it matter that Cohen shares all kinds of salacious and nasty thing Trump allegedly said? That depends on which side of the aisle you are on.

I HAVE A LISTENER WHO HAS A BIG PROBLEM AND HE'S ASKING FOR YOUR ADVICE I got this email today (somewhat redacted to protect this guy's privacy)

Dear Mandy, 
 I'm in a desperate situation to which I need your help and the help of your listeners. 
 Recently just a couple of days ago I lost my grandfather.
 The reason for my email is my parents got divorced about 3 or 4 years ago and it was a nasty divorce.
 My grandfather was on my dad's side and he lost his mother several years ago. Now he has lost his dad and is just now coming to the realization that he has lost both parents. 
 Along with that my dad has recently gotten engaged and is planning on taking his fiance to the funeral. So soon here in about a week or so we will all be boarding a plane in going to the funeral and introduction of my dad's new fiance to the family. 
 My mom Is now making the stand that she is going to go because she knew my grandfather for over 20 years and for 20 years she was a part of the family however my dad is really hurt and really just wants to mourn and have no drama and really doesn't want her to go. 
 My dad has that fear that his ex wife will turn his dad's funeral into drama and fiasco on top of that he really does not want her around his family when they're having family dinner at the house.
What do you think? Looking for your personal experience and the listener's personal experience please help very desperate. 
 I am a long time listener I listen to your Podcast whenever I can't catch your show I'll be definitely listening today please help!!!

This sort of thing happens with regularity, so I'm hoping we can give this guy some good advice!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TWO COLLEGE STUDENTS FOOL AROUND AND BOTH OF THEM ARE DRUNK? At Miami University in Ohio, the guy is punished. It happened like this. Guy, roommate and girl are out drinking. Girl comes back to dorm room and crashes in guy's bed. They fool around. At one point during the fooling, she says stop, he doesn't immediately stop, but does before going much further. The next morning girl tells guy, who does not remember the fooling around due to his intoxication, that he didn't stop fast enough and he apologizes. Later, girl reports she was sexually assaulted. From the Daily Wire story:

John and Jane were treated differently during the hearing process. John was provided less than two days to provide all evidence of his innocence, and Jane was allowed to submit a written statement even though she failed to turn it in before a deadline.
A single Miami official investigated, prosecuted, and judged John’s case. John says in his lawsuit that this official “dominated John Doe’s hearing with questions and comments designed to deflate John Doe’s credibility while inflating Jane Doe’s credibility.”

John was punished, and Jane was not. John sued and now they are settling. This is why school's should not be investigating sexual assault, the cops should.

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER MUST BE STOPPED Because they are now teamed up with PayPal to decide who is banned by PayPal for being conservative. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a purely political animal at this point and should be forced to register as a lobbying agent or a political PAC for Democrats. When will conservatives get together and create a competing platform which welcomes all views.

WE'VE GOT NOLAN! WE'VE GOT NOLAN! And I'm very happy that the Rockies made him the highest paid player in the MLB because he deserves it. It says a lot about this team's desire to win that makes me happy. He's going to make about a quarter of a BILLION dollars over the course of this contract. Yay, Nolan!

MORE MILTON FRIEDMAN YOU NEED TO SEE This one why Equal Pay for Equal Work is Garbage



WHO KNEW PARKER WAS SO FULL OF SEXY TIME MISDEEDS? Okay, maybe this doesn't happen ALL the time, but a Parker City Councilwoman was busted in December having an intimate moment in a car behind a restaurant. Now Mayor Mike Weld has weighed in with his disapproval.

WHEN YOU DECLARE YOURSELF "THE BOSS" YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO BE SCRUTINIZED HARD AOC wants Americans to eat fewer hamburgers to save the planet, so is it news that she and her Chief of Staff were photographed eating hamburgers? Apparently yes. And it's created a kerfuffle on the internet. I'm not surprised at all because socialists never really expect to live under their own rules.

MORE HEALTHCARE WELFARE DOESN'T SAVE LIVES And I'm sure you won't hear anything about the new study that totally undermines the contention that Obamacare and it's extension of coverage saves lives. It most certainly does not. Two aspects have been studied and one part actually INCREASES mortality, while the other has no effect on lessening mortality. But we are spending a crap ton of money on that premise.

COULD WE BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE ROBOTIC REF? I am all for doing away with the home plate umpire calling balls and strikes. Sure keep them for balks and calls at the plate, but let computers do balls and strikes. I think it would dramatically change the game for a few years until pitchers caught up but overall, it would be way less frustrating. Now the MLB is testing out robotic callers in an independent league for three years.

A MAGA HAT RESULTS IN DEPORTATION And if this is how it's going to work I'm going to buy my MAGA hat today. It all started with this woman in this video.

The woman was charged with assault and lo and behold, she is in the country illegally. She now faces deportation. Trump DOES reduce illegal immigration!

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