A Tale of Two Strains of Conservatism for Tuesday's Blog

WE'RE TALKING TWO STRAINS OF CONSERVATISM WITH A SWEDISH MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT And Matthias Karlsson says there are two branches of conservatism which need to work better together if there is any real hope for us. You can watch his entire event streaming live from the Steamboat Institute by clicking here today at 5:30.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS DECIDE THEY ARE SMARTER THAN THE FOUNDING FATHERS And have now given up our rights to decide how our votes are cast in the US Presidential election by passing the idiotic National Popular Vote bill. Governor Polis is going to sign it. Others are already planning to stop it.

WHY YES, YOU DO LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG As a new dog owner again, I am back into the part of life where I read everything about dogs so sorry if this all bores you. A pretty large study of dogs and their owners shows that we impact our pooches personalities a lot more than we initially thought. They also found that dogs DO start to look like their owners and the best age to train a dog is when they are SIX! Just remember, your bad mood DOES affect your Best Friend, so snap out of it!

MICHAEL COHEN COULD BE RATTING OUT TRUMP But I find it hard to believe that he spent all that time with Robert Mueller and didn't share with the Mueller team that Trump broke the law while in office. And since the general consensus is that the Mueller report is going to be a big nothingburger, I'm not sure where the Wall Street Journal gets this take that Cohen will spill the beans on all sorts of illegal activity. Since we're used to news organizations being wrong about what people are going to say with their testimony like this I'm just going to wait and see what leaks out of this closed door meeting and then make a comment, k?

ANOTHER FAKE HATE CRIME? This one in Michigan, where a trangender man and LGBTQ activist is now accused of burning down HIS OWN HOUSE. Why? Speculation is that after his success at getting an anti-discrimination bill passed in his hometown, he missed the attention. He also made $58,000 in donations from people horrified he was the victim of a hate crime. He even killed his two dogs and three cats. Nice guy.

EQUALITY MEANS WOMEN GET TO REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT NOW Maybe not NOW but soon if this federal court ruling goes the way it looks like it's going to go. For the record, I'd prefer to do away with the draft unless there is an actual need for it because of war. But was we seem to be moving in the direction of technologically advanced fighting vs. man to man fighting, I hope the brave men and women who volunteer to serve this country will suffice. But yay feminism, huh? Now our daughters get to face the specter of war starting at age 18. Hooray.


DEMOCRATS CAST A VOTE FOR INFANTICIDE And I wish I were kidding but I'm not. Senator Ben Sasse's Born Alive Protection act which would have required doctors to render medical aid to a baby who survives the abortion process. All the Democratic Presidential hopefuls voted against it. They say it's redundant, but it's not. Using that logic, every one of them should have voted against Kamala Harris' Anti Lynching Bill as redundant because murder is already illegal, right? But they didn't. They voted for infanticide instead. David Harsanyi has a great column on it here.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE GOING TO GET THEIR OWN ELECTED TO THE DENVER SCHOOL BOARD Because charter schools bad. Closing failing schools bad. Paying teachers like professionals bad. Expect a full court press to get union friendly school board members elected. I sure hope your kid isn't in a charter school because they will likely go after funding asap. They will never stop. Just ask DougCo schools what I mean. YOU WILL OBEY.



MILTON FRIEDMAN ON WEALTH DISTRIBUTION and you really should watch it because it's genius.

SOMEONE PUT A PRICE TAG ON THE NEW GREEN DEAL AND IT'S HYSTERICALLY FUNNY Because is this doesn't take the air out of the windfarm I don't know what will. A center right think tank has deduced that AOC's New Green Deal will cost....wait for it...$93 TRILLION DOLLAR OVER TEN YEARS. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY SUBVERTS PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR A TRANS KID This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. Studies have shown that a vast majority of children who show gender confusion grow out of it. And one would assume that parents would know their child best and should be able to decide how to proceed. Not in Canada. The Canadian government has decided that parents have no right to withhold hormone therapy from their children because the government knows best. I'd freaking move if I were these parents.

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