Oh Monday, I Just Wasn't Ready for You. But Here's a Blog Anyway!

WOULD YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD FOR CHARITY? I've got a bunch of students who answered YES to that question on at 3 today! Donate by clicking here because they are shaving their flipping heads!

DID YOU WATCH THE OSCARS LAST NIGHT? The ratings ticked up as people tuned into to see the hostless Oscars and from what I hear from friends who watched, it was a pretty good telecast without a host. USA Today, however, disagrees and make the case for a host here. Here is a full list of winners and there were a lot of surprises last night. By all accounts the best moment of the night was when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper smoldered through their Oscar winning song Shallow and I have to agree it was a damn good performance.


THIS IS AN UPLIFTING PIECE ON HOW OUR CIVILIZATION IS GOING TO END And since I'm somewhat obsessed with the subject, I thought I'd share it with you. In all seriousness, you should read it here. Just a little snipped to whet your whistle:

Collapse can be defined as a rapid and enduring loss of population, identity and socio-economic complexity. Public services crumble and disorder ensues as government loses control of its monopoly on violence.
Virtually all past civilisations have faced this fate. Some recovered or transformed, such as the Chinese and Egyptian. Other collapses were permanent, as was the case of Easter Island. Sometimes the cities at the epicentre of collapse are revived, as was the case with Rome. In other cases, such as the Mayan ruins, they are left abandoned as a mausoleum for future tourists. 

We are not immune to the causes that brought down other civilizations. It's just our ego telling us we are.

SPEAKING OF FALLEN CIVILIZATIONS, ARE GREENIES ONE STEP AWAY FROM HUMAN SACRIFICE? I'm watching this fantastic show with Morgan Freeman called The Story of God on Nat Geo (but Netflix has it too) and I just watched an episode where they discussed the Aztecs and the fact they engaged in human sacrifice to appease the climate gods so their crops would grow. You can click here and skip to the 16:30 mark for the Aztec part, but you should watch the whole series. I seriously could not stop wondering if the true Green Believers, if they were told that human sacrifice would start climate change, would start ripping beating hearts from willing victims in order to save the world. What AOC is the equivalent of cultural suicide, so I would not be surprised.

AOC WANTS YOU TO NOT REPRODUCE, THANKS And I sure hope she starts with her. Read this latest bit of idiocy here.

COULD WE HAVE ANOTHER MASTERPIECE CAKES SITUATION BREWING? This one involves a videographer who doesn't want to shoot gay weddings. The couple who brought this story to the news media say they were shocked and disappointed when the company, which was very highly rated on TheKnot.com, refused to shoot their wedding. Since they story got out, the ratings on The Knot have been less kind and reviewers are leaving notes about Media Mansion not being gay friendly or being homophobic. I think this is how it should be in our current era. Put out the info and let the chips fall where they may.

I'M NOT SURE WHY DIFI IS BEING BLASTED FOR THIS EXCHANGE WITH A BUNCH OF PAWNS Because I think she showed great patience and explained quite calmly and rationally to a group of children who had been given a bunch of talking points and panic. You have to watch the videos in two minute snippets, but here they are.

NOW CHASE BANK IS BANNING CONSERVATIVES And this is a HUGE problem. This column lays out the details but it seems Chase has now taken the stance that if your political views don't mesh with some undefined set of rules that only they know, they will just shut down your bank account. Now if I were a competitor of Chase bank, I'd immediately start running ads talking about how inclusive I was, but that's just me.

BUT WHERE WILL THEY CARRY THEIR MAPS NOW? A fraternity in Wisconsin has been suspended for hazing new recruits. What did they do? They made them walk around campus wearing Dora the Explorer backpacks. OH THE HORROR. How soft are these college kids today? Very, very soft apparently.

WHAT A GREAT COLUMN ON TOXIC MASCULINITY And it's not another finger-wagging display of nonsense, this one really clarifies MY issue with the whole notion that men are inherently bad and must be stopped. Read it here.

WILL DEMOCRATS PASSION FOR LATE TERM ABORTION BE THE BEGINNING OF A SIGNIFICANT OPINION SHIFT? The answer right now is a resounding YES and Republicans are gearing up to put pressure on Democrats to make their limitless support of abortion seem even more barbaric. Rep. Ben Sasse has a bill called The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would require health care providers to give treatment to babies who survive the abortion process. He's going to make Democrats go on record as to whether they believe a baby which survives an abortion deserves to be treated as the human it is. And the polling data since the new abortion laws in Virginia and New York has been very eye opening, especially among younger Democrats. Could this be the beginning of the end for limitless on demand abortion? We'll see.

NBC HOSTS LAUGH AND LAUGH WHEN GLORIA STEINEM CALLS REPUBLICANS NAZIS And if you read the above article it may seem that Ms. Steinem is the one out of touch with current opinion. There is no trace of irony when she assails people who wish to stop the killing of 60 MILLION babies as people who ONLY managed to kill about twenty million people. How absurd is that?

FEELING SMART? LET JORDAN PETERSON EXPLAIN WHY YOU SHOULDN'T GET CREDIT FOR THAT. He also explains that giving the smartest among us best access to resources is not a bad idea, but not the end game if we want a stable society. w

THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE IS AFTER YOUR STRAWS NOW As they are considering a bill that would make it illegal to just GIVE someone a straw unless they asked for it. How do they enforce this? Is there a Straw Police who will run stings while getting a tasty beverage?

CBS IS REMAKING THE TWILIGHT ZONE AND IT LOOKS KINDA GOOD But it's only on their streaming platform so you're gonna have to pony up. Here is the trailer.

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