It's Friday, and I'm really late so the blog is gonna be lame.

MATT THE DEAD TO ME IS ON DEFENDING HOOKERS TODAY AT 2 Seriously, he's in today to talk about hookers.

IT'S A LIVING: YOUR WHOLE MEAL Morgan Kanaber is a chef AND a nutritionist who recognized that people want really tasty and healthy meals for they don't have time to make them themselves. She started and she's on today to discuss it!

DUDE, BOB KRAFT I can't wait to hear what MTDTM has to say about New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft betting busted in a cheap Asian massage joint. I actually feel for the guy.

MAYBE THEY'LL LISTEN WHEN THE LIBERALS SAY STOP Now that the outrage mob has moved from ONLY targeting conservatives to targeting their own, perhaps columns like this one will do something useful to tamp it down. God knows they won't listen to the conservatives who have been saying this for years.

ELIZABETH WARREN IS DOWN WITH THE REPARATIONS She says reparations for slavery is a swell idea, but of course offered no specifics on how that would work. It's all just virtue signaling for the women trying to get elected, so says this column.

NANCY PELOSI SAYS MEET AT THE PLAYGROUND ON TUESDAY AND WE'LL SETTLE THIS San Fran Nan is taking a vote in the House to overturn President Trump's Emergency Declaration on Tuesday. Ooooooh, I'm sooooo scared.

AND NOW PEOPLE TRY TO PRONOUNCE FLORIDA NAMES and yes, I pronounced them all correctly. I've been to all of them except Rio.

I'M GUESSING JESSIE SMOLLETT'S RAISE IS A NO THEN As he's been written out of the final two shows for Empire. Good.

LOOK, A TINY NAG FOR YOUR SPINE There is now a tiny zapper thingy that you wear on your back that scolds you when you slump to much. It's like strapping your Nana right on there!

Sorry for the brevity, the show will probably be better. Maybe. TBD.

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