Please Tell Me I'm Right + JP Sears from Ultra Spiritual Life on Thursday!

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER ON AT 2PM So get your word nerd questions ready to go or email them to me at

OMG I AM A LITTLE TOO EXCITED TO MEET JP SEARS He's on at 3 and I've shared MANY of his videos on the blog before, but here's a good one in case you missed it.

DEMOCRATS HAVE OFFICIALLY VOTED TO GIVE AWAY OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS TO CAST OUR VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION And it is one signature away by the Governor from being law. Please take a moment to give Governor Jared Polis' office a call and let them know you'd prefer he didn't do that. BE NICE. Here is his contact info:

Constituent Services Help Line: (303) 866-2885 | Office of Constituent Services

Governor's Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471

Office of the Governor

136 State Capitol Bldg

Denver, CO 80203

JUSSIE SMOLLETT IS FACING JAIL TIME After "allegedly" staging a hate crime attack. Good. And I hope he gets charged for sending himself hate mail too. Especially because it seems as though he staged this whole fiasco because he was dissatisfied with his salary. Idiot.

BUT JUSSIE SMOLLETT STILL HAS A JOB... AS OF NOW 20th Century Fox just a day after issuing a statement of support for Smollett has no issued a NEW statement. Here it is:

OREGON ABOUT TO CREATE HAVOC IN IT'S HOUSING MARKET As demand outstrips supply, housing in Oregon has become very, very expensive so Oregon just became the first state in the union to force rent control onto it's entire population. I can't wait for this to permanently distort the market as it has in New York City.

SO WHAT'S IN THE RED FLAG BILL ANYWAY? This is a good interview with 18th District DA George Brauchler about the Red Flag Bill. This part is very interesting:

Under the bill, if the subject of an order wants her rights restored after the order has been lifted, it’s on them to prove that they should have them restored rather than the burden being on the state to prove they should not. Brauchler says this is simply unacceptable.
“They have to prove it at the highest level of standard of proof in all of civil law: clear and convincing evidence,” said Brauchler.
That is the civil equivalent of the standard to convict in criminal law: beyond all reasonable doubt. Guns can be initially seized based only on a preponderance of the evidence, which is the lowest standard in civil law, generally referred to as the 51 percent rule. But, Brauchler says, to have gun rights restored the highest level of civil proof is required.

This is a huge sticking point for me. The government should always have the larger burden of proof. Always. This bill is hot garbage and needs to be totally reworked.

RIP MR. MONKEE Peter Tork has passed away. My sister-in-law is going to be devastated when she finds out.

STUPID PEOPLE TRY TO BURN A WAR MEMORIAL THEY THOUGHT WAS ROBERT E. LEE Because they were too stupid to note that his uniform is that of a World War II hero, which is who the statue actually honors. Vandals tried to torch the statue. Of course they did. Because they're stupid.

TWO PAWNS ARE SHOT DOWN BY A JUDGE These particular pawns are two little boys who were used by a local climate action group to challenge President Donald Trump's roll back of Obama era environmental rules (rules which were passed at the very end of Obama's reign, btw). A judge simply said no. He also said the boys don't have standing to sue the POTUS. We'll see if the environmentalists come up with two sadder looking kids next time.


INDICT THE ISIS BRIDE And then see if she still wants to come home. Andrew McCarthy makes that case for indictment here.

A BROUHAHA FOR THE AGES in and era where much is made about the coverage some in the media give others, we should be grateful it doesn't come to this: a brouhaha in a hotel lobby between two sports writer and a bunch of St. Louis Cardinals. It probably seemed like a good idea in 1937 when it happened during spring training.


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