It's Wednesday but feels like Tuesday FOR THE WIN!

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SUPPORT A SOLDIER? I met Kim Outlaw at a Veterans Passport to Hope event and WOW what an impressive veteran she is. Now she's working with Support a Soldier, an organization doing what the Pentagon can't/won't. They send needed items to soldiers in the field and Kim is coming on at 3 to talk about it! Find out more about their mission by clicking here.

SO WE'RE GOING TO GET THE MUELLER REPORT NEXT WEEK Well WE'RE not getting it, but Attorney General Bill Barr will and he will share a summary of the confidential report with Congress and the public. Is this going to be a big nothingburger? I'd be shocked if it wasn't. But you never know. We'll see when the summary comes out and what is leaked after that.

THE FBI WANTS TO SWAB YOUR CHEEK Because according to this article, they are building a massive database of DNA from EREBODY. You get arrested and they are gonna swab your mouth for DNA, then they are going to send it to the giant FBI database so if you commit a crime they are gonna catch you. I do not like this, not one bit. Here is an overview of the Rapid DNA bill that lead to this current situation.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ISIS BRIDE WHO NOW WANTS TO COME HOME? Watch this interview but be prepared to shake your head at her stupidity then and her stupidity now.


BESMIRCHED COVINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS SUING THE WASHINGTON POST And they are suing for a crap ton of money. This will be very interesting to see because it could lead the Supreme Court to rethink the Sullivan decision of 1964 which upended 200 years of libel law.

AND NOW A FIREFALL IN YOSEMITE PARK what's a firefall? Watch this.


EVEN WHEN TRUMP CHAMPIONS GAY RIGHTS IT'S NOT ENOUGH Presiden Trump has announced he is going to target nations that have laws on the books outlawing homosexuality. Good news, right? Not if you work for Out magazine, where they maintain that the only reason he's doing it is because Iran is a geopolitical foe. So effing what? If I were Trump I'd be tempted to say, "Screw you, get thrown off buildings then" but I'm sure he won't. And to be clear, I think this is good news for the gay population no matter why it's happening. Sorry they can't stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.

COULD AOC JUST BE ANOTHER SWAMP DWELLER? If you missed the Twitter kerfuffly about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend having a House email account so he could keep up with her schedule, you didn't miss much. However, the guy who first reported that and got kicked off Twitter for doing so has done some more digging. Now he's discovered said boyfriend was paid as a "marketing consultant" by a PAC where AOC spent most of HER money. Almost the same amount the PAC paid her live-in boyfriend. Hmmmm. This might actually be something. I hope it is just so we won't constantly have her shoved down her throat anymore.

COLLEGE CLASSES HAVE JUMPED THE SHARK Although I'm not sure I should use that phrase before finding out if "Jumping the Shark 101" is a college course somewhere. This column has some actual college classes that will absolutely shock you, although no one should be surprised.

BERNIE SANDERS THINK BREAD LINES ARE SUPER COOL! And I wonder how this is going to play juxtaposed next to photos of starving Venezuelans or old photos of Soviet era bread lines. I'm going to say it, if you think Bernie Sanders is some sort of genius, I don't think you are very well educated about much.

AND NOW, A TODDLER WITH A CORN DOG DANCES TO BEYONCE And it is straight up adorable.


IT'S AMAZING WHAT A LOT OF HARD WORK AND AMBITION GETS A KID THESE DAYS Like $35k in FOUR DAYS plowing snow in Seattle. I freaking love this kid.

HERE'S HOPING THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE If you don't know what that is, it's when the police seize property even when no arrest has been made. It's horrible, but the Supreme Court just handed it a huge setback. Read about it here.

IF YOU THINK CHARCOAL MASKS ARE RACIST I JUST CAN'T EVEN WITH YOU And yes, some people are actually saying charcoal masks, which allegedly pull toxins out of your skin, are racist. If you are one of these people you are too dumb to be reading this blog.

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