A Visit With the Mayor and I'm Very Over Fake Hate Crimes

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK JOINS ME AT 2PM And today I want to talk about his vision for the future of Denver and homelessness and maybe we'll take your calls if you can behave yourselves.

CAN WE JUST STOP WITH THE FAKE HATE CRIMES? Y'all I got MAD this weekend when my suspicions were confirmed that Empire actor Jussie Smollet lied about being attacked by two Trump supporters. The story had way too many holes in it from the get go, and now it seems that he concocted this scheme to have two Nigerian brothers attack him because a homophobic letter he got in the mail...which he probably sent himself imo... didn't GET ENOUGH ATTENTION. So his big idea was to fan the flames of racial anxiety to get attention. He's not alone though, a reporter has compiled a handy list of fake hate crimes during the Trump administration and it's BIG. Check it out here. Andy Ngo writes brilliantly about the thing that got me the maddest here. What is that thing? That victimhood is a desired state in this country. So much so that people are willing to lie about hate crimes to attain that coveted status. This makes me sick.

A MAN IS DEAD OVER A PARKING SPOT And as I type that, I am shaking my head at the sheer stupidity of the whole thing. Now one family is without a father, son, brother and another man is facing a long stint in prison over a PARKING SPOT. We have a sickness in our society that is significant.

NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION EVEN IN FARMING Farming innovates in many ways but when it comes to picking crops which squish, they have been sort of stumped. Until now. A company is working on robotic technology to pick strawberries and other soft fruit and though it's still not perfect, the designers hope it can begin to replace the dwindling number of farm workers by next year.


BERNIE SANDERS IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. YAWN. Bernie was interesting in 2016 only because he ran as a pure socialist and he could have been a spoiler to unseat Hillary. And now that every other candidate has adopted his whackadoodle policies I would say there is a zero percent chance he wins any primary states. Because why would anyone vote for a sweaty old Socialist when they can vote for a young minority socialist? But he's running.

WHO WOULDN'T LOVE A FOUR DAY WORKWEEK? And now a new study has some really, really good news. A New Zealand company who went to a four day workweek says this:

Analysis of one of the biggest trials yet of the four-day working week has revealed no fall in output, reduced stress and increased staff engagement, fuelling hopes that a better work-life-balance for millions could be in sight.
Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand financial services company, switched its 240 staff from a five-day to a four-day week last November and maintained their pay. Productivity increased in the four days they worked so there was no drop in the total amount of work done,a study of the trial released on Tuesday has revealed.

Got that? Happier workers and no decrease in productivity? Sign me up!

HERE IS AN ACTUAL TRUMP RELATED HATE CRIME But you probably won't see many media types tweet about it because it involves a Trump hater pulling a gun on a couple wearing MAGA hats in Tennessee. Of course wearing a MAGA hat isn't a protected class so it doesn't really matter, right?

MORE HATE CRIMES RELATED TO TRUMP Well I'm not sure if calling a five year old boy selling hot chocolate "Little Hitler" is a hate crime, but it's certainly not nice. Why Little Hitler? Because the Austin, Texas resident was raising money to help Trump build the wall. And that's why a grown up thought calling a little boy names was okay.

AOC THINKS THE BERLIN WALL WAS TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT Or something. She compared the wall at the southern border with the Berlin Wall which is just dumb. Many, many people have stepped up to remark that the Berlin Wall was to keep East Germans IN, not West Germans OUT. Can we please stop paying attention to everything this woman says? It's like getting foreign policy from a Playmate. Just stop.

BUT LET'S PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ANTI-SEMITE REP. ILHAN OMAR PLEASE Because this woman is a straight up Anti-Semite, she's a Democrat and she's in Congress. I'd like the Democrat party to have to answer for the rise in ACTUAL anti-Semitic hate crimes too. Here is a great column outlining her views on America, and spoiler alert, it isn't the Shining City on the Hill!



DIA'S MASSIVE PROJECT IS ALREADY BEHIND SCHEDULE And the new Great Hall as they call it, won't be done for an additional 10 months. This is my shocked face. I would tell you the new date, but why?

JP FROM ULTRA SPIRITUAL LIFE TALKS ABOUT BOULDER And you can tell he's totally been to Boulder.


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