Happy Valentine's Day Erebody!

SINGLE BUT NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, I'VE GOT AN EXPERT TO HELP! If you've been in the dating scene for a while but aren't having any luck, maybe your picker is broken. And YES, I meant PICKER, not another word you thought of, you naughty monkey. Suzanne Muller-Heinz is on to talk about how to get yourself ready for the right person. Find out more about her by clicking here.

THE TEACHER STRIKE IS OVER AND I'M SURE THE CHILDREN ARE BENEFITING ALREADY! The teachers union struck a deal with DPS that they seem happy with. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before there is a new round of stuff to complain about. The Wall Street Journal has a different view of the whole affair here. They make the case that pay for performance has one effect: it attracts better quality teachers.

PLEASE DON'T TELL THE POLITICIANS ABOUT THIS ONE Because I doubt they would miss a chance to bring in revenue. Russia is considering fining fat people for being fat. Don't laugh, they've apparently been doing this in Japan for years. Wouldn't it be funny if our politicians who screamed about insurance companies charging more for obesity did the same thing in the name of good health and paying for single payer? Again, don't laugh, this could happen.

TAX CUTS BRING IN MORE TAXES? IS THIS WIZARDRY?? Of course it isn't, it's the entirely predictable result of lowering income tax rates. Read about it here.

IF THIS WERE THE PRIVATE SECTOR, SOMEONE WOULD BE GOING TO JAIL Apparently the Colorado office of Comptroller sucks at it's job. An auditor found errors in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in the annual report filed by the Comptrollers office. If this were the private sector, someone would be going to jail under Sarbannes-Oxley, but this is government, so no big whoop.

BOOBS ARE GETTING BIGGER It's true, the average bra size has jumped considerably, from a 34B to a 36DD. You're welcome, guys.

MAKING BUSINESS DECISIONS FROM EMOTION IS NOT A GOOD IDEA And a sports store in Colorado Springs found that out the hard way when they decided to remove Nike from their store after they hired Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman. Now he's going out of business.


SWEET GESTURES GO A LONG WAY A group of guys is handing out roses to single women, military wives, and widows on Valentine's Day, just so no one feels lonely.

AOC KILLS THE AMAZON HQ2 IN NEW YORK Amazon is pulling out of it's plans to build a second HQ in AOC's district. She's been complaining about the giveaways to the world's richest man (she may have a point there) and now Amazon sent out a press release directly blaming politicians.




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