It's a Chocolate Wednesday! Plus Why Are Schools Afraid of Competition?

WHY ARE SCHOOL DISTRICT AFRAID OF COMPETITION? That is a rhetorical question of course. Boulder Valley School District has been messing with the wrong charter school as they attempt to prevent a very successful charter school open in Boulder. I've got the President Derec Schuler and Kim Gilmartin of Ascent Classical Academy on today to discuss the runaround. Here is a column written by Derec that outlines the full story. Follow this story and get more information by visiting

GIVE CHOCOLATE ON VALENTINE'S DAY OR ANY DAY, REALLY Because it's not only delicious, it's GOOD FOR YOU! I've got Julie Pechs from The Chocolate Therapist on today to talk everything chocolate. Find her website by clicking here.

DOUGLAS COUNTY RESCINDS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL RAISES AFTER CALLING A PARENT A LIAR And it seems like an incendiary headline and it is, but it's 100% true. After the MLO spending plan was released, an eagle eyed parent who could do math figured out that Assistant Principals were getting an 11% raise while most other groups were seeing a much smaller increase. Said parent called the board out on it on January 8th and Board and Superintendent denied the 11% raise, the raise WAS RESCINDED BY THE BOARD. Here are the emails detailing the take back the DAY AFTER the BOE said the raises didn't exist. I have a PDF of the actual emails but I can't figure out how to embed them on our new system! I'll have them for you tomorrow.


SO THE BRONCOS HAVE A QUARTERBACK NOW Is Joe Flacco the answer? I have no idea but now we know the Broncos have traded for him for a draft pick.

BILL GATES HAS RICH GUY REMORSE And frankly, I don't give a crap that he says "no one deserves to be this rich". Then DO MORE with your money now, ahole. I'm so sick of people who have done amazing things with their lives and the marketplace complaining about how someone needs to tax them more. Not a single thing is preventing Bill Gates from sending a check to the Treasury every year for whatever his guilty conscience demands of him. I also don't care if he gives away every single dime helping other people, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT RICH PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. The notion that the government would do a better job spending that money than Bill and Melinda Gates would is ridiculous because they expect actual results when they spend. So get out there and give it away, Bill! That should go a long way towards easing that guilt.


NOW A VIDEO ABOUT SINGLE GIRLS ON VALENTINE'S DAY Some men were pretty put out by the video I posted about Hubbyvision (side note, I still think it was hilarious) so i thought I'd tick off all the single ladies out there with this video mocking them on V Day.

DID YOU HEAR NO COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP AND RUSSIA WAS FOUND? NO ONE ELSE DID EITHER If you only watched the major networks yesterday you missed a PRETTY BIG NEWS STORY that broke on MSNBC. The story is that the Mueller investigation has found NO evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. Considering how much air time has been devoted to that very accusation you'd think it would have lead the evening news for the Big Three, but no. NONE of them even mentioned it, even NBC, whose sister network broke the story. But there is NO MEDIA BIAS. NONE. LOOK AWAY. NOTHING HERE.

OF COURSE CORY BOOKER IS A VEGAN And he wants us all to stop eating meat and he can suck it.

CRITICIZING ANTI-SEMITISM IS NOW RACIST But only when the Anti-Semite belongs to the right minority, amiright? Because when the world erupted at Rep. Steve King that WASN'T racist because Rep. Steve King is white. Got it? But when the Anti-Semite is a new Muslim Member of Congress, it IS racist to criticize it. Read the stupid and nonsensical logic of this argument here.

MITCH MCCONNELL PROVES AGAIN WHY HE'S MAJORITY LEADER And I actually LOLed for real when I saw this. The Senate Majority leader has announced he is going to bring the Green New Deal up for a vote in the Senate, and now Democrats are freaking out about it. Heh. Be careful what you wish for.

CALIFORNIA'S BULLET TRAIN PROCEEDS EXACTLY AS EXPECTED by me anyway. Governor Gavin Newsom has pulled the brake handle on the San Fran to LA high speed train, saying the project had been botched and cost too much. Sold to the voters as a $32 billion project, the train is now expected to cost roughly TWICE that and they pushed the completion date back four years. Exactly as I had predicted.

AOC MUST NOT BELIEVE WHAT SHE'S TELLING US About the Earth being destroyed in 12 years or something because she lives in DC in a luxury apartment which is a 16 minute walk to the Capitol, and yet SHE DRIVES THERE EVERY DAY. AND her campaign spent a crapload on air travel and almost none on rail. Why not? It's just a quick jaunt on the train between DC and New York. Because she wants to tell US how to live but she wants to live the way she wants to live. Typical progressive jerk.



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