It's a Living, Tuesday Edition!

IT'S A LIVING: FIXIT 24 7 EDITION! A lot of my advertising clients are my clients because I love the way they have changed the field they work in. George Donaldson is a serial entrepreneur who is shaking up the way the ac business is done. He's on at 2 to discuss it.

SO THERE'S SOME SORT OF DEAL ON BORDER SECURITY OR SOMETHING And the President is less than impressed. I am not impressed and nor am I surprised, but the game is not over. As long as Trump is in the White House, this isn't over. Read the first part of the outline here.

WHAT? JUSSIE SMOLLET MAY HAVE FAKED A HATE CRIME? THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I hate to say it, but the story told by Empire actor Jussie Smollet about how he was allegedly attacked by MAGA hat wearing masked men yelling, "This is MAGA country" was suspicious to me from the get go. And now more and more people are calling his alleged hate crime into question. What tipped me off is he says the men put a noose around his neck, a noose he was still WEARING around his neck later when the police arrived. Why would he leave it around his neck? Wouldn't his instinct be to rip it off? Now he's provided heavily redacted phone records to the police that essentially show nothing. I hope he's held accountable if he did file a false report.

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE SHOULD NOT VIEWED AS A FUNDING MECHANISM FOR THE COPS If you aren't familiar with civil asset forfeiture you should be. It's plainly un-American from where I see it. It allows law enforcement to confiscate money or other property from people they SUSPECT have done something wrong. Usually not enough evidence is there to file charges, but the cops still just take the stuff. In a rare moment of truth about it, a Greeneville, South Carolina sheriff said this:

If police don’t get to keep the money from forfeiture, “what is the incentive to go out and make a special effort?” Bruder said. “What is the incentive for interdiction?” 

And that's why civil asset forfeiture must go. Not because it NEVER takes money from drug dealers, but that there is a perverse incentive to just take stuff that isn't theirs for the department's enrichment. This is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Read a lengthy expose here.

THESE ARE TWO SWEET AND PATRIOTIC BOYS A firehouse chaplin was raising the American flag to full staff when he turned around and saw two young men saying the Pledge of Allegiance. And they were little. Read it here.

OMG...I CAN'T BREATHE...YOU MUST WATCH THIS... It's Bad Lip Reading for the State of the Union.

HISTORY PROFESSOR SUSPENDED FOR READING FROM A JAMES BALDWIN NOVEL What happens when a history professor in a college class dares to read a line from noted black author James Baldwin that uses the N-word? I'll tell you what happened, he ended up getting suspended. In a most heartening move, a black law professor from Harvard has been the most vocal in the professors defense. Although he does not treat the professor kindly for the way he folded like a cheap suit in front of the students.

A BLOOD TEST TO DETECT LUNG CANCER MAY BE HAPPENING SOON And this would be a game changer, as lung cancer is WAY easier to treat when found early. Docs in Britain are working on it now.

KAMALA HARRIS FINDS OUT SHE'S NOT BLACK ENOUGH After being questioned about why she married her white husband, she had to defend her blackness or something. Which right wing conservative asked such a racially tinged question? None. It was a trio of black radio hosts who brought it up. Racist much, kids?

HERE'S HOPING THIS IS POORLY DONE SATIRE But with what's happening on college campuses these days I'm fearful it is not. A college student wrote an Op-Ed about how conservative students SHOULD feel unwelcome on campus because their ideas are not worthy of discussion at all. Seriously, read it and help me figure out if this kid was kidding.

DUDE THIS IS COOL The Marines 3D printed a freaking BRIDGE.

VOTER ID LAWS PROVE MOST MINORITIES HAVE IDS AND IT'S NOT A PROBLEM So says a new study of states with and without voter id laws, before and after those laws went into effect. I've always thought the "voter id disenfranchises minorities" is just about as racist as you can get. Now we know with some certainty that they don't suppress minority votes, so I wonder which way the opposition will pivot now.



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