It's the Monday Before Valentine's Day! Are You Ready?

DO YOU HAVE YOUR DATE PLANNED FOR VALENTINE'S DAY? I don't care if it is a Hallmark Holiday, Valentine's Day matters a lot to some people. If you are married to or dating one of those people, you better bring it, and if you've not made reservations, i can bail your butt out of a sling with Gretchen from Denver Date Night who is on at 3 today to talk options for you. Have HER schedule your date by clicking here !

THERE'S ALWAYS WAFFLE HOUSE Which is taking reservations for their Valentine's Day evening special, complete with dimmed lighting, table cloths and special menu items. Three Waffle Houses in the Springs on are the list !

WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE TEACHERS? Just kidding, they don't hate them, they just don't want them to have a state tax credit for school supplies they have to spend their own money to get. Republican Senator Owen Hill ran a bill to give them a tax credit, and Democrats killed it in committee . Oh well. I don't think Democrats hate rank and file teachers, but if the Union tells them to vote no, they will, even if the bill might help teachers.

DEAR SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, PLEASE FILE YOUR FORMS WITH THE FEC. THANKS, MANDY I don't watch Saturday Night Live. Why not? I'm not usually up that late first and foremost. Second, I know I can see anything funny that might happen on line the next day. Third, this.


This isn't comedy, this is just partisan hackery. But hey SNL, you do you. I'll be asleep.

DAY ONE OF THE DENVER TEACHERS STRIKE PROVES THIS ISN'T EVER ABOUT THE KIDS And whether or not the teachers actually deserve more money, can we please not let them get away with the line of garbage that teachers picketing schools instead of teaching in them is in ANY WAY about the children. Reports of chaos and zero learning are flowing in , but one must ask how this is a surprise to anyone. Weren't you stoked when you had a sub because you knew nothing of importance would happen that day? These teachers are marching for THEMSELVES, which is well within their right to do, but it's not about the kids. It's never been about the kids. It will never be about the kids. Period. Just look at this amazing learning environment at East High.

Can't you just feel the concern for students in that video? Do NOT fall for the hot garbage in this Op-Ed by two whiny teachers who want you to believe all the problems with underachieving students are the DIRECT result of merit pay and charter schools. GARBAGE. HOT. GARBAGE.

THANK GOODNESS INTERNET WARRIORS ARE HERE TO HELP By attacking anything they deem inappropriate. in this case, they have trained their ire on famed chef Gordon Ramsay, who had the nerve to open an authentic Asian restaurant in London, helmed by a *GASP* white chef. So the internet mobs are all screaming about cultural appropriation and whatnot and luckily, Gordon Ramsay likely doesn't give a crap what these outrage monsters say. Others are more sensitive to such accusations, as outlined here . If every culture were to simply stay in it's lane, think of all the American stuff they would have to give up.

STUDENTS LOVE THE NEW GREEN DEAL UNTIL THEY FIND OUT THE DETAILS Even college students think it's not possible.


MARK IT DOWN, I AGREE WITH DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP ON THIS In a very stern statement, much of the Democratic leadership signed off on an email condemning the multiple anti-Semitic comments made by newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar. Here is the statement :

Sounds good, huh? Are they going to condemn Louis Farrakhan next? I'm guessing no, and this column lays out why .

TEEN ACCUSED OF GIVING HIS MOM A SLAP IN HER FACE BY GETTING VACCINATED We are starting to see more and more outbreaks like the measles outbreak we are currently seeing, and most of them are happening in areas with a high rate of unvaccinated people. One 18 year old man boy who was unvaccinated decided to do his own research and decided to get vaccinated himself , even though his mother is staunchly against vaccines. From the Daily Mail:

The mother-of-seven  said: 'It was like him spitting on me, saying 'You don't know anything, I don't trust you with anything. You don't know what you're talking about. You did make a bad decision and I'm gonna go fix it'.'

That is sad on so many levels. It's sad because she is completely incapable of considering she might be wrong. Although I think his comment


WILL THE DEMOCRAT'S EMBRACE OF AOC'S KOOKERY BE THEIR DOWNFALL? From Niall Ferguson's pen to God's ears. He lays out a careful warning to all those Democrats rushing to support her America destroying Green New Deal in this column, and frankly, I hope he's right. I'm not as sure as he seems be that most Americans will recognize it for what it is, but here's hoping.

A LAWSUIT OVER RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION AT SOUTHWEST AIRLINES GOES FORWARD As a District Court has said it has merit. It all stems from a former Southwest flight attendant i interviewed who says her religious beliefs were trampled on by the union and Southwest fired her because she spoke up against the union leadership. Although I love Southwest, I am glad she is getting her proper day in court. Read the whole sordid tale her e.

AS VIRGINIA DEMS WEIGH IMPEACHMENT, THE LT. GOV. STANDS UP FOR DUE PROCESS And in this, I must agree with Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax. A second woman has come forward and said the Lt. Gov. sexually assaulted her in college. This is on top of the college professor who says Fairfax assaulted her at the DNC in 2004. Democrats are calling on Fairfax to resign, but he says he wants a chance for the women to tell their stories and for he to defend himself. I agree with Mr. Fairfax on this one. Let everyone testify and let the chips fall where they may.

YALE DAILY EDITOR ENCOURAGES SPYING ON WHITE BOYS TO RUIN THEIR FUTURE And you really just need to read this for yourself.


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