It's Friday, It's your birthday, It's Friday!

TODAY'S SING ALONG WITH MICHAEL BUBLE SONG IS... When You're Smiling! See you at 3:35!

TODAY IS DUMB QUESTION FRIDAY! If you have a dumb question, I've got a dumb answer. It's really that simple.

CAN YOU BEAT AN ECONOMIST? I hated economics in college, but now that I understand what an important role economics plays in my life, I'm down with it. I've got economist Steven E. Landsburg on to talk about his super nerdy but VERY GOOD book Can You Outsmart an Economist? and you can buy it by clicking here !

REMEMBER THE GUY I TOLD YOU ABOUT WHO MADE A BAD BET AND PAID IT? He had to crawl around the food court at a local mall wearing nothing but an adult diaper? He's retiring today in Orlando and we're coordinating a phone call to him with best wishes. My show will call his show at 3:05!


"And no one likes you, neener, neener " my favorite part.

HERE'S A HANDY LIST OF THE CRAY CRAY STUFF IN THE NEW GREEN DEAL And I'd love to think that everyone would realize how crazy this thing really is but I know I'd be disappointed if I really believed that. So please print out this column and just hand it to anyone who thinks this might be a good idea. Depending on your circle of friends, you may want to print more than one.

UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME IS BEING PROPOSED IN CHICAGO And I sure hope they run with the pilot program so we can see it fail. Again. Because it always fails. A Finnish experiment over two years to see if giving someone free money allowed them to find the perfect job did nothing of the sort . The free money people did say they were happier, but they weren't inspired to get a job and earn their own money. Shocking.

DEAR MEN, DON'T FALL FOR IT. SINCERELY, WOMEN WHO HATE MAKEUP I wear makeup because I have a responsible job and I'm 49 so if I show up with out makeup everyone asks me if I'm ill or tired but I don't love it. I am honestly resentful that my husband shaves and showers and is off to go while I still have hair and makeup to be done. If you see me out and about on Saturday or Sunday, no I'm not sick or tired, I just didn't feel like getting all gooped up. Now I see that men's makeup is going mainstream . Men, just don't do it. Just say no. Run away. And don't stop.

RIP DADDY WARBUCKS Actor Albert Finney has passed away .

THINGS ARE GETTING SURLY ON CAPITOL HILL Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker appeared before an oversight committee and things got really testy.

DON'T EXPECT NATHAN DUNLAP TO BE EXECUTED EVER Because Democrats are more than likely going to do away with the death penalty in Colorado, and Governor Jared Polis says he would commute those sentences of those awaiting death if that happens. By the way, I agree that we should do away with the death penalty until and unless we can insure it will never be carried out on an innocent person.

WILL DENVER TEACHERS STRIKE? AND WHY DID THE LABOR DEPARTMENT BACK OFF? Denver teachers seem to be itching for a strike. The Labor Department decided to not get involved, which has me asking the question, why do we have a Labor Department if they won't interfere in a labor dispute? Read about the drama here .

IS ABORTION HAVING A DRED SCOTT MOMENT? Cardinal Timothy Dolan makes the case that the New York abortion bill and the disastrous defense of the now-failed Virginia abortion bil l have gone too far and are waking people up to the horror of abortion . Here's hoping he's right.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE LASTEST VIRAL AOC MOMENT? It's from a committee hearing on campaign finance and in the clip widely circulated on Twitter AOC lights up the panel of experts about how corrupt the system is. Her peeps conveniently left off the response of one of the members of the panel. In it, he throws the whole thing right back at her. Watch the exchanges here .




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