AOC Is Selling Unicorns and Rainbows with no Price Tag. And it's Thursday!

TODAY'S SING ALONG WITH MICHAEL BUBLE SONG IS... Call Me Irresponsible. We'll hear you at 3:35

ALEXANDRA OCASIO-CORTEZ IS JUST MAKING CRAP UP At least when it comes to the details of just what her New Green Deal entails. It's not just about green energy, no, it's about Medicare for All, completely unionized jobs, NO MORE AIR TRAVEL, no more nuclear energy and the complete phase out of fossil fuels in ten years . Please let someone primary her so she just goes away. (Just kidding, she's had a taste and now she'll never go away) Read her fantasyland proposal here . Seriously, you need to read it.


My favorite quote:

It doesn't work the way the book says it does because we're humans and we have imperfections and Socialism is too perfect to be true.

Amen. A thousand times Amen.

WOODY ALLEN IS SUING AMAZON Why? Because he did a four picture deal with them and now they refuse to release the film he's already completed and have dropped the other three. This is all because accusations that Woody Allen sexually abused his daughter Dylan have resurfaced in the #metoo era. To be fair to Woody, those accusations were thoroughly investigated by Child Protective Services and found to have no merit and they allegedly occurred during a very nasty divorce battle with his ex Mia Farrow. Woody is suing for the full $68 million he's owed . It will be interesting to see if this thing goes to trial. My guess is Amazon will settle because they don't want to admit they already knew about this before they signed the deal.

A VIRGINIA DEMOCRAT IS A HYPOCRITE BUT DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE? It's super easy to hurl around accusations of hypocrisy at politicians, but rarely do we find such an undeniable case. Rep. Bobby Scott, who urged Republican Senators to vote down the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh because he found Christine Blasey Ford's accusations credible apparently knew about the sexual assault accusations about Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax for a long time . And he's not asked Fairfax to step down as of yet. This story just keeps getting better and better and by better and better I mean worse and worse.

SOUL FOOD AND SOUTHERN FOOD: THE DIFFERENCES This is a very interesting article on soul food and southern food. There is a difference, though slight, and it has to do with the cuts of meat used in both. Soul food definitely birthed Southern food , no doubt about that. And thank God it did.

DEAR MARRIOTT, I DON'T NEED YOU WATCHING ME, THANKS. This story is well...weird. Marriott has policies in place to help their staff notice potential escorts and sex workers they say may be victims of sex trafficking. That's good, right? Only now it means that if I stay in a Marriott by myself as a woman, I may be under careful scrutiny too. I'm not so cool with that. writes about it here .



DO VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTS JUST MAKE EXPENSIVE URINE? I take Vitamin D because I found out my levels were nearly non-existent. Since I've been taking Vitamin D, my levels are fine. But now a lot of science says we may not need to supplement. Now I'm confused. But I'm still taking my Vitamin D.

GUY DENIED PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATE STRAIGHT OUT OF SEINFELD. Only he isn't a proctologist, his last name really is "Assman". He's been denied a license plate with that name on it.

WILL YOU DO 30 BURPEES A DAY WITH ME? I love short term challenges like this one even though I really hate burpees. I may have to wait until my back feels better first though.

REMEMBER THAT IDEA BY PANERA FOR THE PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT MODEL? They opened restaurants with "suggested donations" instead of price tags. I made much fun of this at the time and I may have even guaranteed it would fail. And I was right.

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