How About That State Of the Union Speech? And No, I Didn't Watch It Live

TODAY'S SING ALONG WITH MICHEAL BUBLE SONG IS... I'll Be Home For Christmas! Hear you at 3:35!

DID YOU SEE THE SOTU LAST NIGHT? I saw it this morning, where I could fast forward through all of the endless clapping breaks. I hate those. You can watch it here. Once again, Trump zigged when the Democrats thought he was going to zag, and although I thought Stacy Abrams did an admirable job with the Democratic response, the fact the speech is written in response to a speech they haven't seen always shows through. I totally cried when they introduced the WWII veterans. Watch the SOTU here.

I loved the way President Trump's guest reflected the diversity of American greatness. It was nice to be reminded of the stunning accomplishments of our nation. Guess who else like the speech? Pretty much erebody, that's who. A CBS News Poll says 76% of viewers liked the speech, and more importantly 72% said they approve of President Trump's ideas for immigration. These numbers have to be very upsetting for Democrats, who are running around like crazy trying to paint the speech as "psychotically incoherent" , which it clearly was not. He did a really good job. Too bad people hate him too much to appreciate that. And how to Democrats not applaud things like people getting off food stamps? That's telling, don't you think?

AOC REMAINS UNIMPRESSED BY THE COMMON GOOD Just click here and watch this . And what the hell was Nancy Pelosi reading last night? Answer here .

SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED IN DOUGCO MAY BE FIRED At least she will be if Superintendent Thomas Tucker's recommendation is followed. He says Michelle Grissom should be fired for attacking the wrong high school student on Twitter after the Covington Catholic High School story broke. She is entitled to an appeal and the School Board has the ultimate say, so we'll see what they do. It will be fun to hear them discuss her case without saying her name.

SPEAKING OF COVINGTON CATHOLIC SCHOOL, NICK SANDMANN IS SUING EREBODY And here's hoping this case, where a high school student was lambasted across the internet as all sorts of people and institutions leapt to conclusions, has some impact on everybody rushing to conclusions and singling out a previously unknown person for destruction. I'll be watching this one, read about the whole thing here .

I'M READY FOR PITCHERS AND CATCHERS TO REPORT And this is an interesting overview of the State of the Rockies . It did make me worry more than I did before I read though, so read it at your own peril.

SO THE TRADE DEFICIT DROPPED CONSIDERABLY And Trump's policies have to get all the credit for this, as Obama nor GW Bush paid much attention to this.

WILL THE LAST WHITE VIRGINIA DEMOCRAT TO NEVER APPEAR IN BLACKFACE PLEASE STAND UP? Apparently Viriginians loved their blackface for a long time. Now the Democrat Attorney General of Virginia has come forward to admit he and his friend wore blackface to perform as their favorite rappers back in the day. He's sorry, by the way. Oddly, he called for the resignation of Governor Ralph Northam over this very same thing . Here's hoping he lives up to the standard he put forth himself.

ALSO FROM THE VIRGINIA DEMOCRAT DUMPSTER FIRE The Lt. Governor accused of sexual assault by a college professor back in 2004 apparently used some questionable language about his accuser during a closed door meeting with politicos. Here is the NSFW tweet from NBC News:

Wait, what? I thought we BELIEVE ALL WOMEN ALL THE TIME NO MATTER HOW LONG IT'S BEEN AND HOW FEW WITNESSES THERE ARE AND STUFF. My bad, that's only when we're trying to stop a conservative judge from being appointed.

THIS COLUMN ABOUT THE ABORTION ARGUMENT IS ONE GIANT MIC DROP And everyone should read it although I'm guessing abortion proponents won't.

WATCH BERNIE SANDERS FROWN ABOUT FREEDOM Just because it's fun. I wonder how many Bernie Bros even know that socialism means you have to give up your freedom? Watch Bernie.

SAFE INJECTION SITES ARE BEING CHALLENGED IN PHILLY Well I had no idea there was a race to the bottom between Denver and Philadelphia when it comes to injectable drugs. Now the Philly US Attorney has filed suit. From the Washington Times:

The U.S. attorney for Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit to stop a nonprofit from opening the nation’s first supervised drug injection site, his office announced Wednesday.
It is the first lawsuit filed to block a safe injection site and could ultimately decide the legality of such sites across the country.
Other cities including Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Denver have debated the legality of such places as they seek to combat the opioid crisis that has gripped the nation.
Safe injection sites are places that addicts can go, with drugs they’ve obtained elsewhere, under the supervision of medical professionals.

Super, maybe they can be shut down at the federal level so we don't have to worry about this here.

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