More Nerdiness about the Electoral College on Tuesday? Yes, Please.

THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE MOVEMENT MUST BE STOPPED. and I'm not letting up. Today we've got ANOTHER professor who not only makes the case for the Electoral College but also explains AGAIN why this is unconstitutional. Professor Robert Hardaway joins me at 2. Pre-order his book called Saving the Electoral College by clicking here or buy his already out book about the same subject by clicking here .

THE MICHAEL BUBLE SONG OF THE DAY IS Come Fly With Me! See you at 3:35

THERE'S A PROTEST TONIGHT AT THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD BUILDING And I can't help but think this is a case of the chickens coming home to roost for a School Board backed by people who yelled and screamed at school board meetings in year's past. Former State Senator Ted Harvey joins me at 3 to discuss why parents and former school board members are taking to the streets tonight at 6.

TRANSGENDER REGRET IS REAL AND NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT I know there are people who transition to the opposite sex and are very happy. But there are many who are not, and those stories are beginning to be told. Why do they need to be heard? Because transitioning to the opposite sex is not a no-big-deal thing. It involves surgeries and hormones and permanent removal of sex organs. And there is this wave where if someone expresses any discomfort with their gender they are rushed into the pipeline instead of talked to at length first. This story should give those doctors pause.

THE STATE OF THE UNION IS TONIGHT AND MAXINE WATERS DOESN'T WANT YOU TO WATCH Because we all know that Progressives believe that if they don't like the speech of someone else, they need to shut it down. It's airing here tonight, much to Maxine's chagrin.

DUDE, THIS GUY IS THE MOST BADASS DUDE OF BADASS DUDES Did you hear about the jogger who got attacked by a mountain lion who STRANGLED the mountain lion to death? Seriously.

PLEASE DO AN ANNUAL SKIN CANCER SCREENING Because Colorado has the highest skin cancer rate per capita in the country . And men, you guys are dying at higher rates from melanoma than ever before . Just get an annual screening, it is literally the least invasive screening possible.

I HEART NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY And this story has some of the best in the world.


THIS BAKER IS SORRY, NOT SORRY We had this story last week about a baker in Washington state who apologized for making heart shaped cookies with "Build the Wall" on them. Since then, his business has tripled and now he's unapologizing . And selling cookies all over the country.

AMERICANS ARE SEETHING WITH IGNORANCE AND JEALOUSY Because that's the only way to explain this recent survey that says 76% of people polled say the rich should pay more in taxes . The most disappointing part for me is that 54% of Republicans think we should soak the rich too.

COLORADO RUSHES TO ADOPT THE SAME POLICIES THAT FAILED IN CALIFORNIA Especially when it comes to Electric Vehicle purchases. From Amy Oliver Cooke at the Independence Institute:

California’s electric vehicle mandates aren’t working admits Mary Nichols who heads up the powerful California Air Resources Board (CARB), according to a recent Reuters report .
“‘The strategies that we’ve used up until now just haven’t been effective,’ Mary Nichols, the head of the California Air Resources Board.”

Read the rest of it here, but short story shorter, people don't want electric cars.

NANCY PELOSI IS MAKING UP BIBLE VERSES But never fear, she makes up a lot of stuff. This particular fib has been part of her repertoire for years. And does anybody really believe that she keeps "reading and reading the Bible" to find the made up quote ? I sure as Shinola don't.

YOUR BRAIN LOOKS SO YOUNG! I must be talking a woman, whose brains are on average four years younger than our male counterparts.

WAS JUSSIE SMOLLET ATTACKED OR NOT? I've been silent on this story because it just didn't smell right from the beginning. Actor Jussie Smollet, who is gay and black, claimed to have been attacked in the early morning hours by two men wearing ski masks and MAGA hats. But when I heard that he still had the rope he says they placed around his neck AROUND his neck when cops arrived MUCH later, that just sent up red flags. Now police are having to subpoena his phone records because the actor won't turn over his phone, which he himself has evidence on it. Too many questions here to believe this for me.

GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO PASSES THE BLAME TO TRUMP WHEN HIS STATE'S HIGH TAXES ARE THE REAL REASON This is just comical. The State of New York is facing a $2.3 BILLION deficit and Cuomo says it's because the Trump tax cuts limited the amount of state taxes that could be deducted from federal taxes . Cuomo says this is causing the rich to flee the state. So because the rest of America isn't going to subsidize rich New Yorkers anymore, New York is in a real pickle. Heh.



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