It's a Nerdy Electoral College Monday

SO WHY DO WE HAVE AN ELECTORAL COLLEGE ANYWAY? Professor Rob Natelson is a retired law professor and he's got some background on the Electoral College and we may dip our toe into the Article V Convention of States too, just for fun. NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT! He's on at 2. Here is an article he wrote for the Daily Caller on the subject.

HERE IS A LONGER EXPLANATION OF THE ARTICLE V CONVENTION Just in case we don't have time to dip our toe.

GO SEE MICHAEL BUBLE WITH THE MANDY CONNELL SHOW! You can win two tickets and the chance to have drinks with US right before today at 3:35. We're playing Sing Along with Michael Buble and today's song is Fly Me To the Moon. We'll start the song, you start to sing then we turn off the song and YOU KEEP SINGING. Get those pipes tuned up!

GEE WHIZ RALPH NORTHAM, WE BARELY KNEW YOU. He's the Governor of Virginia who said that babies would be kept comfortable after they were born while the mother and the doctors decided whether or not they got to live. Oh, my bad, THAT'S not what he's in trouble for, he's in trouble because he either wore blackface or posed with a guy in a KKK costume in medical school. See, supporting a procedure that has taken the lives of the equivalent of 48% of the black population is BETTER than painting your face to look like a black person. He's refusing to step down , which could create a huge problem for Democrats going forward. Do I think he should step down? Nope. It was a long time ago and a world away. Let the voters of Virginia decide what to do with him.

COULD THIS MEAN THE TIDE IS TURNING AGAINST THE STUPID GENDER SPECTRUM? Though I have a great deal of compassion for people who believe they are born in a body of the opposite sex, I also think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and created a new cascading group of victims who think gender needs to be redefined. I've been reading articles lately about trans regret and now Andrew Sullivan writes in New York Magazine about how lesbians are now mad that transwomen are considered women. What the deuce? From the Andrew Sullivan article :

The core disagreement, it seems to me, is whether a trans woman is right to say that she has always been a woman, was born female, and is indistinguishable from and interchangeable with biological women. That’s the current claim reflected in the Equality Act. But is it true that when Caitlyn Jenner was in the 1976 Olympics men’s decathlon, she was competing as a woman, indistinguishable from any other woman? Contemporary orthodoxy insists that she was indeed competing as a woman, and erases any distinction between a trans woman and a woman. Similarly, public high-school girls track or wrestling teams would have to include female-identifying biological males — even if they keep winning all the trophies, and even if the unfairness is staring you in the face.
Most of us, however, intuitively find this argument hard to swallow entirely. We may accept that Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as a woman in 2015, always understood herself as a woman, and see this psychological conviction as sincere and to be respected. But we also see a difference between someone who lived her life as a man for decades, under the full influence of male chromosomes and testosterone, and who was socially accepted as male and then transitioned … and a woman to whom none of those apply. It is highly doubtful that a non-trans woman could have successfully competed against men in athletics in the Olympic decathlon, no less. Whether you look at this biologically (hormones and genitals matter) or socially (Jenner was not subjected to sexism as a man for most of her life), there is a difference. If there weren’t, would the concept of “trans” even exist?

Huh. Seems perfectly rational and logical, I'm sure he'll be run out of town on a rail soon.

THIS IS THE MOST BOULDER THING OF 2019 SO FAR There is a group of activists who are lobbying for legal rights for. ..wait for it...nature. Yep, they want your unwatered lawn to be able to sue you. Well not quite, but can that really be far behind?

KEEP IT IN THE GROUND ACTIVISTS ACT LIKE MORONS And I sure hope this sort of behavior is not rewarded. This is the end of the Town Hall meeting hosted by two Democratic Senators who seem to be laboring under the illusion that information will do anything to change the minds of this group of massive hypocrites who drove to the meeting in their cars. Here's a story on their behavior.

MY DECISION TO NOT WATCH THE SUPER BOWL SEEMS PRETTY DARN SMART RIGHT NOW From the horrible half time show to the commercials, I am glad I chose not to watch. Apparently those who did were treated to Woke Commercials which lectured the very people they want to buy their products . This does not seem to be a good idea to me, but then again, I didn't watch them.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS MAGIC MUSHROOM BILL IN DENVER? Y'all, this bill represents a pivot point in my view. We've legalized weed. Great. And now there is a move afoot to legalize private consumption of magic mushrooms, or psilocybin. Proponents are using the same old canard the pot folks used, that there are valid and useful reasons to do this, but we all should know by now that's just the first step to legalization. I hope this fails. I don't want Denver to become the Amsterdam of the US. It's not a good look and it would draw the MOST ANNOYING TOURISTS EVER to our fair city. Please don't let this become a thing.

YEP. WE'VE DONE IT. THERE'S NOTHING STUPIDER THAN THIS. WE'VE FINALLY REACHED THE END OF STUPIDITY A man is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his permission. I can't even. Read it here if you must.

WAIT, HOLD UP, I WAS WRONG, NOW WE'VE REACHED THE END OF STUPIDITY A professor has written in the New York Times that the Disney classic film Mary Poppins is racist because Mary and her friends and kids show up with soot on their faces which is of course blackface which we now know is worse than killing black babies or something. Yep, NOW we're done.

NO THE POLAR VORTEX ISN'T BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING Which would be a super neat trick and all, but not accurate in the slightest. Dr. Roy Spencer, a sensible and serious scientist who dares to think climate change is occurring because of natural variations, says a quick study shows that the polar vortex dips are not more frequent or affected in any other way by increased carbon dioxide . They have always happened and likely always will.

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