Hello Friday, Boy Am I Happy To See You!

SO WHAT IS THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE MOVEMENT ANYWAY State Senator Mike Foote is on today to talk about his bill that would give our Electoral College votes to the winner of the "National Popular Vote". I'm against it and am looking forward to a spirited debate with the Senator today at 1:30 pm.


REPUBLICANS LOVE TO SEIZE AND POUNCE This is sort of a running joke on Twitter, but have you noticed how the news media never says "Democrats seize on Republicans..." whatever it is, yet Republicans are ALWAYS seizing or pouncing in news headlines. Take this headline:

Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical

The article goes on to talk about Democrat positions on full term abortion, taxing the rich at 90% and Medicare for All, which are all positions that would fundamentally change massive parts of the American economy and life, so isn't that what might be called "radical "?

NOLAN ARENADO IS A ROCKIE FOR AT LEAST ONE MORE YEAR As he agreed to a one-year deal with the club who I hope is working on a longer term deal with the incredible third baseman.

DEMS THINK THE MONEY YOU MAKE IS THEIRS THEY JUST LET YOU KEEP SOME And in a race to see who can be the Biggest Socialist, now newly minted member of Congress Rep. Ilhan Omar is calling for an upper tax of 90% on "The Rich" . While this is ridiculous on the face of it because even when the tax rate was that high previously, NO ONE PAID it. What's going to be fun is if Stephen Colbert and other start to ask the Hollywood lefties how they feel about their party coming for 90% of the money they earn.

GEE WHIZ, THE JOBS APOCALYPSE I READ ABOUT YESTERDAY DIDN'T REALLY HAPPEN Just yesterday I read an article where economists were predicting a serious slow down in the number of jobs created in January. Except that totally didn't happen and the jobs numbers are over 300k . Whoopsie doodle.

AOC IS NOT TOO HAPPY ABOUT THE PROSPECT OF BEING PRIMARIED And I'm not sure what she expected when she supports a group which is advocating primary opponents for Dems she deems not "woke" enough. Read this column for the whole foofaraw.

DRUNK GUY ON AIRPLANE HAS TO PAY BIG And this is GLORIOUS. A British man was super drunk on a Calgary to London flight and caused so much of a ruckus, the plane had to turn around and kick him off. Now he has to pay the airline $21,260.68 in restitution for fuel spent doing so.Good.

KOKU MAY BE HAPPY NOW. FOR ONCE. The World's Saddest and Oldest Woman has passed away and now I'm sure bummed I didn't send her that gift basket I was going to. Koku, we hardly knew ya.

SAY HELLO TO MY PABLO ESCOBURGER AND HIS LITTLE FRIEND Okay, I mixed Latin drug lord references there. I can't wait to see who is offended by that, because they are REALLY going to be offended by this Australian restaurant serving the Pablo Escoburger complete with a white line of powder across the bun and a rolled up fake bill. I think this is brilliant.


MILLENNIALS ARE BRINGING BOOZE BACK! Every generation has it's "things" that they do. Millennials have been accused of destroying all sorts of things (Applebee's, I'm looking at you) but they may be credited with a resurgence of the hard liquor category after years of wine and beer taking more market share.

DON'T PUT TOO MUCH STOCK IN WHAT THE GROUNDHOG SAYS Because Punxsutawney Phil is wrong more than he's right .

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