The computer ate my blog and I'm not happy about it.

I DID AN ENTIRE BLOG AND IT DIDN'T SAVE AND NOW I'M MAD AND LATE So expect the bare bones from this one.

DR. GARY IS ON TO TALK REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Find out more by checking out there website by clicking her e.

SENATOR RAND PAUL WINS A BIG JUDGMENT FROM HIS CRAY CRAY NEIGHBOR But it remains to be seen whether or not he will collect the $580,000 he won after his retired doctor neighbor attacked him and broke six ribs.

NANCY PELOSI WANTS EREBODY TO KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE And since I'm on the none-of-your-damn-business side of things, I'd vote against this bit of nonsens e.

I'M NOT SAYING THIS KID DESERVED IT BUT.... At least there is one decent human being on the Patriots .

POLAR VORTEX? WE'VE GOT FOSSIL FUELS FOR THAT! Here's a fun column on the fact that the Polar Vortex being used by climate fanatics as proof of global warming is being mitigated by the fossil fuels they hate .

MIKE JOHNSTON WANTS CORY GARDNER'S JOB And the newly failed gubernatorial candidate has announced he's running .

AN E-SCOOTER MAY BE THE DEATH OF YOU And I'm not kidding, those things are really dangerous .

I HOPE THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR THIS MAN Who scammed veterans out of their disability payments.

DO WE REALLY WANT TO BE LIKE SWEDEN? It's funny what happens when a previously homogeneous nation is inundated with people who don't share their value system. It's currently breaking Sweden .

I HAVE INTERMITTENT FASTING CURIOSITY so I found this video about it.

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