It's A Lying Politician Friday!

ARE OUR TEACHER EVALUATIONS EFFECTIVE?  Richard Giordano worked for over 25 years in the public school system as a teacher and secondary school principal so he knows of what he speaks when he says our teacher evaluation system is seriously flawed.  His new book Ineptitude, Conformity, and Obfuscation: The Fraud of Teacher Evaluation in the Public Schools explains the how and why our teacher evaluation system is failing our teachers and students and what we need to do to fix it.  Buy the book here.   He's on at 2pm today.

TRUMP BLINKS FIRST ON THE SHUTDOWN But I'm still not sure he lost this one.  Ask me on February 16th. 

THE DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD IS NOT WORTHY OF OUR TRUST Because most of this board is made up of people who spent YEARS fomenting anger and dissent in the district so they could get back into power by running on a platform of Community togetherness and transparency.  And yet, the very FIRST TIME there is ANY issue they don't want to deal with, they act like the despots some think they are. The situation is about Michelle Grissom, the middle school teacher and union rep (now former union rep) who took to Twitter to try and doxx a high school kid she named a member of the "Hitler Youth".  After REFUSING to take down the post even after she was shown to be mistaken, more of her disgusting posts came to light before she shut down her Twitter feed.  She's currently on paid leave (HOW SAD FOR HER, A PAID VACATION.  That'll teach her!) and parents had the nerve to think they'd be able to address her lousy behavior and the ill advised tweets of two board members at the School Board meeting.  But alas, speakers, who have to pre register for comments explaining what they would like to talk about, were called yesterday and told that the subject was officially Voldemort and they were NOT TO SPEAK HER NAME.  One parent did and he was goose stepped out of the meeting.  Kyle Clark has more. 

Here's the statement by the guy who got booted last night.  He's on right out of the shoot today.

OH, AND ABOUT THAT DOUGCO MILL LEVY OVERRIDE This is unconfirmed as of yet, but multiple people are working on getting documentation about it, but the Mill Levy Override which was touted as a way to raise teacher pay is going to raise classroom teacher pay 2.7%.  But it raised Assistant Principal pay 14%.  I didn't vote for that.  Just saying.

COMRADE WARREN WANTS TO CONFISCATE RICH PEOPLE'S STUFF And she can call it a tax or whatever but it's still a straight up confiscation of something that didn't belong to the government.  At least Liz has dropped the charade of believing in a free society. 

ROGER STONE IS A CRAZY NUTBAR WHO IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH POLITICS I've interviewed Roger Stone twice.  Then I refused to have him on my show because he was so full of sh*T.  When I heard he was a Trump adviser I honestly thought it would end up like this

THIS KENTUCKY KID HAS MY VOTE FOR PRESIDENT Because he took the opportunity with his science project to prove that New England Patriot Tom Brady is a cheater.  What a brilliant lad! 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEE THIS??? The New England Journal of Medicine has a photos section and one particular photo has gone viral.  You can read about the unfortunate snake bite here, but don't expect to see the photo because...well it was on a guy's you-know-what. 

SOMETIMES IT'S BEST TO NOT CALL THE MEDIA A family was booted off a flight for their bad body odor.  Their next move?  Call the media.  I'm not sure that's a choice I would have made.  

MICHAEL JACKSON WAS EVEN CREEPIER AND MORE ENABLED THAN I REALIZED And don't get me wrong, I think Michael Jackson was a serial child molester.  But a new documentary tells the tale of MJ "marrying" a ten year old boy.  And then paying the boy's father a million bucks to keep quiet about it.  I want to know why the DAD is not being investigated for solicitation of prostitution?  

ARE YOU TRIGGERED BY MY MAGA HAT, BRO? Tough snookies because being "triggered" is just an excuse your own egregious overreaction.  Rich Lowry makes the case that the only reason the Covington Catholic School boys are being eviscerated in the media is because of their MAGA hats. 

CAMPUS REFORM IS BACK ON CAMPUS TALKING ABOUT THE SHUTDOWN! If the media were honest, these students might have been better informed.

DON'T WORRY KID, I FEEL THE SAME WAY A baby reacts to Andrea Boccelli singing to Elmo.

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