Please Tell Me I'm Right With Charles Harrington Elster

WE'LL PLAY PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER AT 2 So get your word and grammar questions ready.  Find more about Charles by clicking here.

ASKING ABOUT CITIZENSHIP SHOULD NOT BE A BIG DEAL As it's not a big deal ANYWHERE else in the world.  It's a necessary question to ask because a LOT of things are determined using census data, including how many House members and districts and more.  This column makes the historical case to bring back this question.  Too bad politics ruins everything. 

ANOTHER UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME TRIAL IS ABOUT TO GET UNDERWAY To be clear, I'm all for someone using someone ELSE's money, not mine, to test the theory behind universal income.  Now a city in India with just over 610,000 people is going to do just that.  They should roll out the scheme in 2020 and we can all just see how it works and then make decisions about whether or not to try and replicate it. 

IT'S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE WENT AFTER THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW GROUP Because they lost their way years ago and now just serve as a tool of the Progressive Left who use them to target anyone they disagree with as a "hate" group.  Now the Center for Immigration Studies, a right wing think tank on immigration, is suing them.  And they are using the RICO Act to do it.  From the Washington Times:

One of the most prominent groups advocating for stricter immigration went to court Wednesday to demand a judge order the Southern Poverty Law Center to stop labeling it a “hate group,” accusing the self-described watchdog of running an illegal racket to silence political opponents.

The Center for Immigration Studies says the SPLC’s accusations that it is racist and anti-immigrant are wrong and have cost the nonprofit support and financial backing by scaring people away from doing business with the center.

The center brought its challenge to U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by filing a civil complaint under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act against SPLC President Richard Cohen and Heidi Beirich, who runs the group’s Hatewatch blog.

Holy cow I hope they win.  Read the whole story here.

TOLERANT PROGRESSIVES DIG UP OLD ACCUSATIONS OF GAYNESS ABOUT LINDSEY GRAHAM That's what is the undercurrent of these "I can't imagine what they have on Sen. Graham" when pointing out the he was a staunch critic of Trump's and now they are BFFs.  Guess what, jerks, this is politics. 

YOU MEAN I CAN SKIP THE LINE AT COSTCO'S FOOD COURT?  How did I not know this until NOW.  Apparently when you are checking out in the huge checkout line you can pay for your hot dog or pizza and then just go pick it up at the food pick up window.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS??? 

WHERE IS GLENN MILLER?  The famed bandleader's plane crashed during WWII but now we may know where it is.  A fisherman in England says he pulled it up accidentally 38 years ago and was advised to let it sink back into the English Channel.  Will James Cameron get on this please?  

HYDROX GOES AFTER THOSE BIG OREO MEANIES In court, no less.  Read the saga here and GO HYDROX! 


HOW MUCH DOES THE WAY YOU DRESS AFFECT YOUR CAREER?  A LOT FOR THIS WOMAN She was a server at Chili's and she wanted to move up and stay with the company.  She was told she dressed too male.  Now she's suing. 

NOW, WHAT TO BUY AT COSTCO!  Like I need this but whatever maybe some of you do.


DID YOU RESOLVE TO SPEND LESS TIME ON THE SCREEN THIS YEAR?  How's that going?  A new survey says most of us are not REALLY ready for a true digital diet

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