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SEATTLE PROVES COMPASSION GOVERNANCE IS A FAILURE And I'll talk to Christopher Rufo about his recent article in City Journal about Seattle's incredibly expensive and utterly failing plans to tackle homelessness and drug addiction.  Read the article here and I MEAN READ THE ARTICLE. Denver is headed down the same path and we need to have the facts on our side to shut this stuff down. 

PRINCETON STUDENTS ARE TOO AFRAID TO HEAR FROM A SPEAKER THEY MIGHT DISAGREE WITH In a story that is utterly unsurprising.  Ivy League is not so special when it comes to unviting speakers who may challenge the lock step liberal dogma being shoved down students overpaying for their education.  This case involves University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax, who created controversy for daring to be honest about how affirmative action can actually hurt unprepared students who benefit from it.  

A THINK PROGRESS ACTIVIST SIDES WITH AN ARMED MUGGER AND IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT  A woman who took her own protection into her own hands and shot an armed man who was trying to mug her was seen as part of the problem by a Think Progress activist.  He put out a stupid tweet and was immediately and convincingly shot down.  Rhetorically, of course.  He even had to issue a Tweet thread apology, which is always the best kind.  

LA TEACHERS DEMONSTRATE HOW TO BULLY EFFECTIVELY The very same teachers who have always supported unfettered illegal immigration and illegal immigrant children being taught in the classroom are now demanding smaller class sizes.  They are on strike and picketing, but my favorite part of the story is how they are openly bullying the subs who are coming in to take care of the children these teachers allegedly care about.  What nice people, I'd love to have them teach my daughter how to behave.  Here's a fun stat on how much those illegal immigrant children cost the educational system:

In California, total funding per pupil from all state, federal and local revenue sources was $11,649. With roughly 923,000 students in the state with illegal-immigrant parents, these students represented a total cost of nearly $10.8 billion out of a total 2008 k-12 education budget of $72 billion. An important caveat is that these totals rely on average per-pupil funding numbers.

Now not all of those students are in the LA school district, but I'm guessing a lot of them are.  This is a not-so-hidden cost of illegal immigration.  

DEAR ADVERTISERS, DON'T LECTURE US DURING THE SUPER BOWL That's the message from consumers who are VERY clear on this.  Polling data says that across all age groups, we don't want Woke Marketing.  Let's hope they listen.

THIS COULD MEAN A REAL EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE And it's in the form of a multi dose "vaccine" that attacks one part of the Alzheimer's puzzle.  Early results are promising but it's going to be a long while before it comes to market.  But hey, there might be hope! 

GROWING THE TEACHERS UNION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRANSPORTATION At least to Governor Jared Polis.  He wants to spend a $227 million dollar surplus on full-day kindergarten instead of transportation.  I could not disagree with this more.  And not just because I think transportation is a more important need.  I strongly disagree with taking extra money and using to create a massive recurring expense.  

THIS STORY IS A THUMBNAIL SKETCH OF WHAT LOUISVILLE, KY IS ALL ABOUT As a family is super upset that the local paper wouldn't allow them to blame an 87 year old woman's death on the Trump administration.  Seriously.  I'm actually surprise the Louisville Courier-Journal wouldn't publish it, it's a total hack paper anyway.  

SAN FRAN NAN WANTS THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS PUSHED BACK Because she knows full well that if the shutdown is still going on, President Trump will use it to launch a full scale attack on Dems.  I'm sure he's going to ignore her request.  She also said that she will only pursue impeachment with Republican support.  That sound you hear is progressive head's exploding. 

AOC USES A TOTALLY OFFENSIVE PHRASE INCORRECTLY BUT HEY, SHE'S ADORABLE, RIGHT? In the latest verbal diarrhea from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez she tried to make a point that she is going to shove her progressive agenda down everyone's throat, but she chose to say it like this:

So enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda.

If you don't know what it means to "run a train" you can look it up here, but it made me think of this. 

THE POINTLESS WOMEN'S MARCH IN DENVER HAS A STUPID NEW NAME I heard this morning an interview with one of the leaders of the Denver Womxn's March about why they decided to spell "Women" as "Womxn".  It's just so dumb I can't even.  From their website:

The Womxn’s March Denver is launching today with the “x” in our name, because we believe in equity and we act with purpose to make space for trans, non-binary, and genderqueer persons in our name. But it is not enough for us to be inclusive in language only. We must all commit to doing the work. We must speak our truths and listen to others speaking theirs. We must commit to anti-oppressive principles and goals, with marginalized persons at the center of our movements. We must act, to dismantle systems that harm, and to create new systems that uplift.

Got that?  Gender is a spectrum blah blah blah and a bunch of women are going to show up and virtue signal and nothing will come of it.  But have fun!  

100 POUNDS IN A YEAR Is what this dude lost.  Watch how he did it.

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST REGRETS?  This is a really interesting video.  There is the occasional curse word, but it's amazing how many of these are directly related to relationships. 

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