Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on Today!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON AT 2PM I've got a slew of questions about everything from safe injection sites, development, renewable energy, transportation, and more.  

THE DIFFERENCE IN HOW LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES ARE TREATED IS FULLY ON DISPLAY HERE  Rep. Steve King has made an idiotic and awful statement that defended the dubious honor of white supremacists.  The outcry has been loud and justified and he's been removed from his committee appointments by the GOP House leadership.  Compare that to the way Women's March founder gets away with defending her relationship with noted anti-Semite and homophobe Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  Skip to the 2:16 mark to get the full deal. 

Got that?  As long as you help black people it's perfectly fine to hate Jews and call them termites and continue to spread the Blood Lie about them.  This actually made me like Meghan McCain. 

I'M SO SAD CAROL CHANNING HAS PASSED AWAY Because she represented that Old Hollywood glamour that is long dead.  Do you know what her politics were?  Neither do I. RIP, Ms. Channing.

I THINK THE CHINESE REALLY HAVE SOMETHING WITH THIS ONE Office workers in China were forced to crawl through traffic when they didn't meet their performance goals.  I like this.  I think I need to set some goals for Grant and Dave. 

HUMORLESS GAY PEOPLE CAN NOW REJOICE Family Guy has decided to lay off the gay jokes.

WATCH OUT, KIDS, YOU MIGHT FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THE EARTH I've officially seen it all.  The Flat Earth society is going on a cruise.  This article talks about how the very existence of naval navigation and GPS disproves their theory, but I'm more concerned that THEY should be concerned about falling off. 

COULD ANOTHER BAD IDEA BE COMING TO COLORADO? Rent control is a nightmare.  It distorts the market far worse than the slings and arrows of supply and demand and it simply doesn't work.  And now there is a Democratic bill in the legislature to do away with Colorado's prohibition on rent control.  

PEOPLE WHO HATE GMO'S KNOW THE ABSOLUTE LEAST ABOUT THEM. And this is the least surprising study of late.  Researchers polled people about how they felt about GMOs and then asked some general science and genetic questions to test their actual knowledge.  Those most opposed to GMOs knew the least and yet thought they knew the most.  Heh.  

WOKENESS CAN'T HOLD BACK THIS MOVIE The weekend box office winner was The Upside, a charming tale of a man who goes to work for a billionaire who got paralyzed in a hang gliding accident.  The PC Patrol was MAD, MAD I TELL YOU that Hollywood had the nerve to sign an actual big name actor to play the paralyzed lead and not an actual paralyzed person.  The audiences responded with a big old WHO CARES and went and saw it anyway. 

I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED WHY KING SOOPERS MISSPELLED SOOPERS And now I know after reading this.  We've got Archie comics to blame. 

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